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Buy These Instead – Geek Review

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In another act of bravery, Apple led the sale of phones without chargers. You already have one, the company reasoned. But not one that can fast-charge your phone or even slow-charge your laptop. Enter Apple’s expensive new dual USB-C chargers. They are here if you need the “correct logo”.

To be clear, there’s probably nothing wrong with Apple’s dual USB-C chargers. The company certainly makes good products, usually including the chargers you used to put in the box. But the price leaves a bit to be desired. Now available in store, you have two options: a standard 35-watt dual USB-C charger or a compact version. That is the only difference between the two; either way, you’ll pay $59.

And that is the problem. You can head over to the Apple store and order one right now. But it’s kind of hard to understand WHY you would do that. At 35 watts, the bricks won’t quickly charge your MacBook. And at $59, you’re paying a lot for a 35-watt charger. You can easily pick up a similar charger from well-known brands for half the price or less.

So instead of going to Apple, we recommend going to Amazon. And buy one of these three chargers: either they cost less or they give much more power.

less expensive

Two ports, less dollars

even more power

But if you insist on a charger with the Apple logo on it, you can buy the company’s two chargers now, regular or compact.

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