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ChatGPT is coming to your Discord chats

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Hannah Stryker / Instructional Geek

Discord is one of the most popular messaging platforms, especially for group chats. Like almost every service lately, Discord is now expanding its AI and chatbot features.

Discord already has integration with AI services like Midjourney, thanks to its open APIs that allow anyone to create and share bot services that respond to commands. In fact, Discord states that “nearly 3 million Discord servers include an AI experience, ranging from game asset generation to AI novel writing groups, AI peers, AI companies, and AI-based learning communities.” AI”.

Discord is now adding some of its own AI features. First, the built-in “Clyde” bot (which already has limited responses when typing slash commands incorrectly) will be able to answer questions, recommend playlists, and access GIFs. The bot is based on “OpenAI technology”, which means it should work similar to ChatGPT, the chatbot developed by OpenAI. Discord expects Clyde to “become a core part of the Discord experience soon,” and it will start rolling out next week.

image of conversation with several people and Clyde AI

Discord is also testing AI-generated chat summaries, which will try to organize message streams into topics you can quickly follow up on later. It’s a nice feature in practice, but there’s a chance the AI ​​could misinterpret what people are saying or get important details wrong. If you want to know what your friends were talking about while you were out, you should probably read what they say.

OpenAI technology is also coming to Discord’s AutoMod tool. AutoMod is already used to automatically block messages that match certain words or phrases (which can be set by the server administrator and moderators), or flag messages for someone to review later. The AI-powered update will alert moderators when a server rule has been violated. Discord will begin testing it “on a limited number of servers today.”

Other features are in the works, such as a shared whiteboard with the ability to generate AI drawings and templates for bot developers to build other similar projects. Discord joins a growing group of apps and services using OpenAI APIs to add chatbot functionality; you can expect many, many more to join the list in the coming months.

Source: Discord

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