Check out the new Tasks feature in Outlook on Windows


How to keep outlook status active?
How to keep outlook status active?

Microsoft is working on an entirely new Outlook app for Windows, but it will be a while before it’s ready. Meanwhile, a feature of the new app has been fed back: the integration of To Do.

Microsoft is now rolling out To Do in Outlook for Windows to everyone in the current channel, without the need to switch to the Office Insiders program. It’s part of the same Outlook version 2207 update that includes the new left navigation bar, replacing the bottom tabs that have been in Outlook for over 19 years.

To Do is now available as a separate desktop and mobile app, and on the web at, but is now fully integrated into the Windows Outlook client. Clicking the new To Do button on the navigation bar brings up all your tasks, with the same organization options as the dedicated To Do app. Flagged emails appear as a category within To Do, so messages you need to reply to or follow up on will be displayed alongside your other tasks.


The new Outlook for Windows that Microsoft is still testing also has a dedicated Tasks button. That could mean more design and functionality updates are coming in the current version, so by the time Microsoft is ready to make the change, the transition might not be a bother for most people.

While the To Do integration is useful, especially for anyone who already uses the To Do app on their devices, it’s not a replacement for Outlook Tasks. Microsoft says in a support document: “To Do does not currently support start and finish dates, task status, task completion percentage, multiple priority levels, task working hours, task colors or categories that are available in Outlook Tasks”. At least for now, your previous Outlook tasks will live alongside your To-Do page.

There’s no telling when, or if, To Do integration will come to Outlook for Mac. However, there is a standalone To Do app for macOS.

Source: Microsoft Blog, Microsoft Support