Corsair’s new mechanical keyboard is half an inch thick



This might be the weirdest mechanical keyboard I’ve ever seen. Corsair’s K100 AIR is just half an inch thick (0.4 inches, specifically) and uses new Cherry MX Ultra Low-Profile switches. It looks like a giant gamer version of the Apple Magic Keyboard.

To our knowledge, the K100 AIR is one of the first (or only) standalone keyboards to use Cherry MX ultra-low profile switches. We’ve only found this technology in a handful of laptops. And just looking at the specs, we’re not expecting an amazing typing experience: the Cherry MX Ultra Low-Profile switches have just 1.8mm of travel and trigger at 0.8mm. They also require 66.3 grams of operating force.

A profile view of the ultra-slim Corsair K100 AIR mechanical keyboard.

The specifications suggest that these switches are very little deep. If you want a high-quality typing experience, you should probably buy a full-size keyboard. But for those who want a half-inch thick mechanical keyboard, the Corsair K100 AIR is clearly an option!

And when you ignore the switches, this keyboard is pretty darn good. Four additional keys allow you to program macros without sacrificing any real keys. Additionally, users can store up to 50 profiles for RGB lighting and keyboard layout, and battery life is rated at 500 hours with RGB backlighting disabled. (But it only drives 50 hours with the backlight.)

Connectivity options include a wired USB cable, a wireless USB dongle, and Bluetooth. Corsair claims that you will get a polling rate of 8000 Hz in wired mode. Also, you can pair this keyboard with three computers at once and switch between them using a dedicated button.

The Corsair K100 AIR launches on October 4. Pricing is currently unknown, but we will update this article as new information comes to light.