We were so excited when Cync (formerly C by GE) introduced a line of Matter-ready smart home products during CES 2022. And now that Cync has launched its new smart light bulbs, you can finally shop the entire Matter-ready line.

For clarity, the Matter smart home standard will break down the barriers between smart home brands. Devices that support the standard will gain compatibility, even if they were previously exclusive to the Google Assistant, HomeKit, Alexa, or Zigbee ecosystems.

Nearly a dozen smart light bulbs

A Cync color smart light bulb.

Cync went absolutely crazy with their new smart light bulbs. There are 11 options to choose from, including recessed lights, accent lights, and bulbs that are just $12. Oh, and none of these bulbs require a hub!

You have a lot of things to choose from here, so I’ll simplify things a bit. Cync sells smart light bulbs in three flavors: white, full color, and full color HD (which is pretty cool). The bulbs come in various shapes and sizes, and even include some options for recessed or outdoor fixtures. Some of these bulbs are decorative, with different finishes and old-fashioned “filaments.”

And Cync now sells smart recessed fixtures, which are easier to install than traditional fixtures and feature full color support.

You can shop all of Cync’s new smart lighting products today, starting at $12 for the bulbs or $35 for the recessed lighting.

A smart thermostat and a temperature sensor

The Cync Smart Thermostat.

The most notable product in Cync’s new lineup, at least in my opinion, is the Cync Smart Thermostat. It costs only $120 and can be installed without a C-wire, which is rarely available in older homes. Plus, it doesn’t require a hub and works with Cync’s new ambient temperature sensors.

While the Cync Smart Thermostat lacks complicated “learn” features, it’s an attractive option for those who want to add voice control, schedules, and remote control to their home’s heating and cooling system. Temperature sensors are especially useful in larger homes, as the thermostat won’t ignore rooms that are getting especially hot or cold.

The Cync smart thermostat and room temperature sensors launched in January. You can order them for $120 and $30, respectively.

smart security cameras

The Cync Battery Powered Smart Security Camera.

Shortly after the launch of its indoor camera, Cync revealed a smart outdoor camera with night vision, HD resolution, and two-way audio support. It also supports local storage, which is often more secure (and can record more) than cloud storage.

While this camera is wired, you can purchase an additional solar panel (not yet available) to keep it running without running a wire in your home.

At $100, the Cync Outdoor Camera is pretty affordable. It launched in March and is available for purchase at Lowe’s.