Dell just released a more affordable version of its impressive webcam



Dell is back with a new webcam, and this time, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The new Dell Pro Webcam is a cheaper alternative to last year’s Ultrasharp webcam and offers QHD resolution, HDR support, motion tracking, a noise-canceling microphone and more for just $135.

Indeed, the new Dell Pro Webcam offers most of the features of the Ultrasharp Webcam for $65 less. The main difference is the resolution. While last year’s Ultrasharp webcam captures 4K video, the new Ultrasharp webcam is capped at QHD 2560 x 1440; Dell calls this “2K resolution” for simplicity, but it’s actually a higher resolution than standard 2K.

Another noticeable reduction is the narrower field of view of 65 or 78 degrees, compared to 90 degrees on the 4K model. And for some reason, Dell opted for a USB-A cable on the new Pro webcam; perhaps the company is hoping you’ll plug this webcam into a dock or a monitor’s built-in USB port.

As with the Ultrasharp Webcam, the new Pro Webcam has a barrel-shaped design and can rest permanently on top of your monitor. It also has a privacy shutter and works with Dell Peripheral Manager, which you can use to adjust your webcam settings.

The Dell Pro Webcam is available today for $135. For what it’s worth, Dell says this webcam is certified for Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Source: Dell via Windows Central