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Dish TV just lost channels in 9 areas

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Dish is one of the most popular TV providers in the United States, with millions of subscribers. Unfortunately, a good old-fashioned carrier dispute means that many Dish customers simply lost access to at least one of their local channels.

Cox Media Group, a media conglomerate that owns many television and radio stations in the United States, stopped broadcasting select channels on Dish TV due to a disagreement over broadcast rights. There are nine affected channels, listed below, in nine markets. Sling TV, which is also owned by Dish, hasn’t lost any channels (yet).

  • (abc:WSB) – Atlanta Georgia
  • (FOX:WFXT) – Boston, MA
  • (abc:WSOC) – Charlotte, N.C.
  • (CBS:WHO) – Dayton, OH
  • (FOX:KLSR) – Eugene, Oregon
  • (FOX:WFOX) – Jacksonville, Florida
  • (abc: WFTV) – Orlando, Florida
  • (nbc:WPXI) – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • (CBS: KIRO) – Seattle, WA

Dish claims Cox is seeking “nearly 75 percent rate increases” in its contract and wants rates from customers in affected markets, even when they choose a Dish package that doesn’t include access to Cox’s local channels. Cox has not issued a public statement.

Understandably, Dish subscribers are not glad with contention, especially with the NFL season and World Cup underway: The World Cup airs on Fox in the US, and CBS and ABC carry many NFL games. Channels are still available for free with an OTA antenna, but signal quality varies by location, so connecting an antenna isn’t a viable option for everyone.

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