Doing this can help preserve the flavor of your coffee.

How to Store Coffee Beans: A Remark...
How to Store Coffee Beans: A Remarkable Guide (2021)
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Nothing says “wake up” like the smell of freshly brewed coffee. However, if you want it to retain that rich flavor, you may not want to let it sit on the hot plate for hours.

Turning off the drip coffee maker immediately after it finishes brewing will preserve the flavor.

Most drip coffee makers have built-in heating plates that keep the glass carafe warm for about two to four hours. This gives you time to drink several fresh cups, and while it’s convenient, it does have a downside: the hot plate can alter the flavor of your coffee.

Just as reheating coffee or putting it in a warmer can alter its volatile compounds, a coffeemaker’s heating plate can also change the flavor, and not for the better. Essentially, the hot plate will continue to “cook” your coffee and could end up making it taste more bitter and acidic, which isn’t exactly the most appetizing flavor.

What is the solution? If you can switch to a thermal carafe coffee maker, that’s the best option. Rather than continuously heating via a hot plate, a thermal carafe will simply keep your coffee hot insulated and not alter its flavor. However, if this isn’t an option, it might be time to invest in a quality thermos and simply pour it into the wee hours of the day.

If you feel that your coffee tastes bitter, it could be your own coffee maker.