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DuckDuckGo Quacks at Google for Login Popups – Review Geek

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Its new feature blocks login popups on non-Google sites.

DuckDuckGo new Google blocking feature
duck duck to win

DuckDuckGo, the popular privacy-focused search engine and web browser company, has just released a new feature that directly targets Google login popups that track users. After a bit of controversy earlier this year, the Duck company is busy working on new ways to keep users safe.

The latest privacy feature is called “Google Sign-in Popup Protection”. It’s available in DuckDuckGo’s apps and browser extensions, and basically blocks any Google login window if you’re not specifically on a Google website.

For example, when you visit a site like Reddit, Facebook, Etsy, or thousands of other sites that allow you to “Sign in with Google,” this popup will appear. It’s a convenient feature, but patopatogo says when you do so, you’re essentially giving Google permission to crawl everything you do on that site.

Even if you’ve worked to stop tracking and disable third-party cookies, when you use Google’s login feature on third-party sites, you allow them to collect data, browsing habits, and other information.

According to CNET, this new privacy feature is now available and enabled by default in DuckDuckGo apps and browser extensions. It’s worth noting that this is just one of many recent features from the company, including a third-party ad-blocker that arrived in November.

Remember that you never have complete privacy on the Internet, but every little bit counts.

via CNET

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