Microsoft Excel spreadsheets can have thousands of cells to store data, which can slow down your PC, even if there is no visible data in many of the cells. Fortunately, Microsoft is rolling out a new feature to improve spreadsheet performance.

Microsoft mentioned in a recent blog post that empty cells with extra formatting and styling information can often slow down performance and increase file size. The company said: “We noticed that over time, a workbook can collect cells that have no data but still contain hidden information of little or no use. These cells may have had data and formatting at first, however now they don’t have any data, but are still taking up space because they contain formatting.”


Microsoft’s first attempt to fix this is a new “Check Performance” feature, which can be accessed from the Review tab in Excel Online. Finds empty cells that still contain formatting data, such as a fill color or custom text alignment, and gives you a button to clear the data. Microsoft’s example used a spreadsheet with over a million empty cells, and the file size decreased from 3.14 MB to 17.5 KB. Importantly, the function doesn’t run automatically, so you don’t have to worry about losing the format you intend to use later.

Check Performance is now rolling out to Excel Online for paid Microsoft 365 subscribers, and Microsoft says it has “upcoming plans” to bring the feature to Excel for Windows and Mac. The company is also investigating other common issues that could be added to the check. . to check performance.

Source: Microsoft