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Facebook Live Video disappeared: why and how to fix it

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Your quick response:

  1. Live videos on Facebook disappear from the profile for various reasons.
  2. Facebook users often face the problem that they can’t find the live session videos on their profile and they just disappear, preventing the audience from seeing the live session even after it’s over.
  3. Live videos disappear when manually deleted by the profile owner.
  4. Sometimes the account user accidentally deletes live videos, so they cannot be found on Facebook. But by requesting Facebook, it could be restored.
  5. If live videos are automatically deleted from Facebook, you can change the Settings to Never delete so that; Facebook doesn’t automatically delete live sessions after 30 days.
  6. In case the video has been removed from Facebook, you must request its restoration by launching a report on Facebook to review the situation.

There are a few ways to do this recover deleted facebook live videos.

In this article, you will learn the different reasons why your live videos disappear and the ways to restore them on Facebook.

Why have live videos on Facebook disappeared?

There are several reasons why your live videos disappear from Facebook. Let’s take a look at these below:

1. Manually removed magazine

Facebook live videos disappear from Facebook when manually deleted by owners. Facebook has this policy that once you go live from a Facebook profile, you stay on the profile page. Viewers who missed the live session can watch it from their profile.

However, some users face a common problem that they cannot find a live video on Facebook page after the session ends. You should know that when you cannot see a live video at the end of the session on an account’s profile page, it is likely that the user has deleted the video. If the account owner manually deletes the live session video, no one else will be able to see it on Facebook again.

It is also possible that the owner manually deleted the video, but by mistake, so you can no longer watch it.

2. Automatically delete after 30 days

automatic deletion after 30 days

If you can’t see a live video on a Facebook profile, the video may have been removed from Facebook due to their privacy policy. Facebook allows its users to set settings for automatic deletion of old live videos. In that case, if a user does not change the automatic deletion of the old live video, the live video on Facebook remains for 30 days after the live session has taken place.

During these thirty days of sessions, viewers who have missed the live session or want to watch the live video will be able to watch it from Facebook by visiting their user profile. Once the 30 days are up, the live video would be automatically removed from Facebook.

Since the policy was set to automatically delete old videos, Facebook would delete old live videos that complete 30 days, without notifying the user as well. After the live video was removed from Facebook, neither the public nor the owner of the account could see it again.

3. Facebook removes videos for violations

Facebook removes videos for violation

When you can’t find a live video on Facebook and it hasn’t even been 30 days, the video may have been removed from Facebook due to some removal policy.

Facebook, in order to maintain the integrity and reliability of the platform, follows very strict policies and guidelines when it comes to content. If a live video has hurt feelings or is reported to Facebook as offensive, Facebook investigates the situation and it is removed immediately.

Live videos on Facebook can be reported by your audience during the session itself. If many users report a live video as spam, inappropriate, or Facebook can investigate the matter and remove the live session.

If a user having a live session violates any of Facebook’s policies and guidelines or is reported by viewers during the session, the video is immediately removed from Facebook and is no longer viewed by the public. At the same time, the user will receive a notification in which Facebook will indicate the reason for the removal of the live video.

What to do to solve this problem on Facebook?

These are some of the solutions you try to get your live video back. Let’s take a look at these:

1. Request to Facebook

Request to Facebook

In case the owner mistakenly deletes a live video, you can send the request to Facebook to restore it. To do this, you can email Facebook support to request video recovery on Facebook or view Facebook Service center to see if you find any useful solutions there.

You must state all the details of the problem you are facing in clear language so that the Facebook community can be convinced to restore your video. If you deleted a video by mistake, Facebook may have it in its registry from where it could be restored. So try contacting the Facebook community to request it back.

2. Change settings

change settings

You can also change your account settings to prevent automatic deletion of your live videos. Like on Facebook, live videos are automatically deleted after 30 days, audiences will no longer be able to watch or view live sessions once the thirty days are up. However, if you change the setting in Never delete, so it would prevent automatic deletion of the live video.

Automatic live video deletion is the default option that Facebook follows when it comes to deleting your live video after 30 days.

But here are some ways to prevent it:

  • You can deactivate your entire account and then reactivate it within 30 days so that live videos are not automatically removed from Facebook.
  • You can even move the live video to the trash and cancel it before 30 days. Trash items are not deleted for 30 days, so to avoid automatic deletion of your live videos, you can delete the video from trash before 30 days.
  • If you change the automatic removal setting to never erase, so Facebook will not automatically delete live videos after 30 days. Rather, it will only be removed if manually removed by the account owner.

3. Claim for compensation

If Facebook removed your live video for violation, you can request a restoration. If you are sure that you have not violated any policy, you should report a problem to Facebook claiming the restoration of the deleted live videos.

After submitting the request, Facebook will take up the matter to review the situation. If you find that your live session was not harmful or offensive and that the video was illegally removed, you will restore your video to your profile.

Note: If Facebook believes that it violates its policies and guidelines or is offensive to any part of the public, Facebook will deny your recovery request.

Here are the steps to report a problem on Facebook:

Step 1: Open the Facebook app.

Step 2: You will need to click on the three horizontal lines to go to the next page.

three horizontal lines

Step 3: Scroll down to find the option Support for. Click on it.

Support for

Step 4: you will have to click Report a problem.

report a problem

Step 5: then click Continue with Report a problem.

Continue reporting a problem

Step 6: You can include a screenshot or exclude.

screen or not

Step 7: now it’s time Live.

Click Live

Step 8: You will need to clearly describe the problem in order to request your live session to be restored and then submit the report.

send the report

The bottom lines:

This article has explained the reasons why Facebook live videos disappear from profile and provided the solutions to get them back here.

Live videos disappear when manually deleted by the user, automatically deleted after 30 days, or removed from Facebook due to policy or guideline violation. You can get it back by asking Facebook to restore the video, changing the auto delete setting to never erase.

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