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Facebook Marketplace review request not working – FIXED

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Your quick reply:

  1. If your Facebook Marketplace is blocked or unavailable and is showing an error that you set earlier, you may have violated Facebook’s marketplace policies.
  2. To fix Marketplace not being available to you, first review the reasons listed in your profile for your Marketplace, and then submit a review request to Facebook.
  3. Now Facebook has a lot of restrictions on selling products and if you are not violating these policies your access to Marketplace will definitely be restored.

If you see that your Facebook marketplace is not available, there are various reasons and there are some types of errors faced by the marketplace users.

There are several Facebook policies that you must maintain in order to keep your marketplace active.

Well, if that is not available to you, you still have some ways that you can use to get back the blocked market from Facebook.

During the fixes, you might face some denials from Facebook, but actually there is a real working method which will be included in this article.

Where is the Facebook Marketplace option located?

The first thing you should find is the market option on Facebook and that you should look for from the settings or the sidebar. For example, if you can find the option and then it shows some error, then you need a solution; otherwise, if you just want to find the option, let’s follow some simple steps.

🔴 For desktop:

If you want to access the Marketplace option from your desktop:

Step 1: First, open Facebook in your browser, then take a look at the sidebar.

Step 2: The ‘Market’ option would be visible there in the sidebar.’

🔴 On the Facebook mobile app:

If you want to see the Marketplace option in the mobile app, you can simply view it in the app, just from the “three lines” icon.

Step 1: First, open the Facebook app on your mobile.

Step 2: Then tap on the “three lines” icon in the top right section.

Then touch the icon

Step 3: The Marketplace option would be visible in the list of items.

market on facebook app

Step 4: Just tap on it and a new tab will open with all the features.

Why is Marketplace not available to you?

If you’re selling something on Facebook from the Marketplace and you only have limited access to the Marketplace, this could be for a number of reasons.

If you have violated any policies or have not reached the age limit, your Marketplace may be blocked in these cases.

Let’s look at the reasons in more detail:

1. Your browser crashed:

This is happening on your desktop and is not a server end issue and you can try to fix it by simply reloading the page in your browser. This usually happens if your browser can’t render certain HTML on the web, you can simply try another browser, like Chrome.

two. The Marketplace is removed from Facebook:

This may be possible if you haven’t used Marketplace for a long time or if you use an unsupported language.

The market is removed by Facebook

There are also other reasons behind Facebook Marketplace blocking, like if you are selling restricted items on the Marketplace or you have violated the Facebook Marketplace policies, your access to the Marketplace may also be restricted or blocked.

3. Your age is a problem:

If you have not reached the age limit for creating and selling material on the Marketplace, you still do not meet the standard rules and your Marketplace account may be locked until you reach the age limit and submit a request for review.


Mainly, these are the main reasons why access to Marketplace is blocked.

There are three different stages of review, and if two of them are denied restoration, your Marketplace will be permanently blocked.

You can simply tap to request a review of the error message.

The Facebook market is blocked.

After reviewing the first, you will be notified of any changes that may be required, and once established, continue with the next review.

Facebook Market Blocked

Now the final decision is made and you will be informed if your market has been reset or not.

the market is not available to you

For example, if you see that it shows that it was not reset to the third revision, the lock may remain permanently.

How to fix Facebook marketplace review request not working:

The Facebook Marketplace feature is an easy way for users to buy and sell your products. However, if you don’t see your Marketplace or it’s unavailable for other reasons, you can try these options and fix your problem.

Video on how to fix Facebook Marketplace ban:


1. Sign out and sign in again:

If Marketplace was unavailable due to a temporary error, you can simply log out of your Facebook account and log back in.

Sign out of the Facebook app

This was just a bug and is easily fixed by logging out for a while and then logging back in.

facebook app login page

2. Ask the Facebook Ads team:

As you know, Facebook Market products can now be displayed in ads and it will display the ‘sponsored‘tag below the post.

show fb market ads

If your marketplace is not accessible, please contact the Facebook Ads team or the business team that wants to place ads for your marketplace products that you have on your marketplace but are blocked.

Now ask the team to check it out on the spot and restore access. They will simply log a request and then the respective team will send you an email within days after your access is restored.

3. Repeatedly report to Facebook Help:

Even after this, if your issue is not resolved, please try to report your issue to Facebook support as many times as possible. This will help you flag your problem on Facebook. You should continue to report your issue consistently unless it is noticed and has not been fixed.

To report to the Facebook support team to resolve the Marketplace issue,

  1. First, touch the ‘request reviewactive group option Market.
First, touch
  1. Complete the review form and describe the products that blocked their market.
  2. after 24 hoursif everything looks good from the facebook team you will get a response that access is restored.

This is all you need to do multiple times if that doesn’t go away on the first try.

The bottom lines:

This article explains the ways you could take to correct market errors of any kind simply by contacting Facebook. Because the Facebook algorithm sometimes makes mistakes that are manually reviewed by the Facebook team. That is why by entering a review request there is a chance that you can restore your market.

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