Smart appliances are often half-hearted and tout features that aren’t useful or just don’t work. But GE seems to be taking this whole “smart home” thing seriously. Your new Profile Top Load 900 washer uses smart features to take the guesswork out of laundry, and its integration with Alexa does more than send notifications to your phone.

Like other machines in the GE Profile series, the new Top Load 900 automatically adjusts its wash cycle and dispenses detergent to save time, water and headaches. It also features Tangle Control technology that prevents clothes or blankets from knotting, plus “Smarter Wash” controls that let you quickly tell the washer how to balance power with gentleness.

But the Top Load 900 also includes Alexa (and has a built-in microphone and speaker), which is important for several reasons. Obviously, Alexa can tell you about the status of your load, but it can also access GE’s laundry database to intelligently accomplish a variety of tasks.

If you’re washing a load that’s covered in wine stains, for example, you can ask Alexa to remove those wine stains. You’ll find the perfect wash setting for the job. These smart settings also work for specific fabrics, which can be useful for washing things like wool, polyester, or linen.

Along with your new washer, GE sells a Profile 900 dryer. It automatically prepares for drying cycles based on the activities of your 900 series washer. Again, that’s an amazing feature for some fabrics.

GE says these features will come to all of its Internet-connected washing machines in the future. Still, if you want the Profile Top Load 900, you can order it today for $1,299.

Source: GE via The Verge