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Global Energy Consumption: A Comprehensive View

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The world consumes approximately 580 million trillion joules of energy annually. This consumption has grown substantially in the last decade, and this number will only go up in the future. Moreover, fossil fuels, oil and coal, fulfil most of these energy requirements.

These non-renewable sources of energy are responsible for a majority of the environmental problems that we are facing today. Environmental hazards like global warming, ozone layer depletion, and deforestation are all results of years of unsupervised usage of these depleting resources. 

The majority of the energy we consume is from fossil fuels. The largest energy source is oil, which is followed by coal and natural gas. Innovation in green energy is therefore very necessary. For the time being, burning more coal and gas will be used to make up the majority of the rise in global electricity consumption. That is not ideal since it releases massive volumes of CO2 are released into the atmosphere.

Total Energy Supply and Consumption

Total Energy Supply (TES) is the result of adding up production and imports, taking away exports, and adjusting for changes in storage. Since secondary energy is involved, such as when an oil refinery product is imported, TES and PE range in amount and quality for nations and regions but roughly equal primary energy PE for the entire globe due to the cancellation of imports and exports. The total energy needed to deliver energy to end customers is known as TES. The global electricity consumption is divided into the following categories: 

  • Global electricity supply: Global Electricity Production Using Fuel, Global Energy Transportation, and Global Energy Consumption All Play a Role in Determining the Global Energy Supply.
  • Global Electricity Consumption: This amount of electricity is the total energy used from all the energy produced. This is accomplished by computing the global electricity consumption at various population levels using the power consumption formula.
  • Domestic electricity consumption: The entire quantity of energy utilized by a particular household or for home consumption is referred to as domestic energy consumption.

Alternative Sources of Energy

Alternative energy sources are available today, which can help reduce our fossil fuel consumption and, consequently, our carbon emissions. These alternative energy sources can help substantially reduce our global energy consumption. Solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, tidal energy etc., are all examples of these alternative sources of energy. Two things that alternative energy sources have in common are their little impact on the environment and their sustainability. 

Using energy sources other than conventional fossil fuels, which are seen as ecologically detrimental and in limited supply, is the best definition of alternative energy. Oil, coal, and natural gas are the three types of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are now the most common energy source utilized to heat our homes and run our automobiles. 

These fuels must be burnt in order to be used as energy, and this process emits polluting gases into the environment. Fossil fuels also have a supply issue; it is unknown how long oil and coal reserves will endure at our current consumption rate or whether new supplies will be discovered before existing ones run out. The global energy consumption of non-renewable sources can be brought down with the help of these alternative energy sources.

Work Along with Top Industry Professionals

Global energy consumption has been increasing consistently over the last decade; this gradual increase has led to environmental damage. Switching to alternative energy sources is critical if we want to control the damage done to our planet. Transitioning from fossil fuels to renewables is not easy; therefore, you need to collaborate with an efficient and accomplished professional. 

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