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GMC Issues Recall Of Huge Hummer EV Battery

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You certainly don’t want water near the battery.

GMC Hummer EV in the desert

General Motors has officially announced the second battery-related recall for its Hummer EV big truck. After first dealing with high-voltage battery connector issues, GM is concerned that the battery pack is not properly sealed, which could allow water to enter.

And yes, water is probably the last thing you want near the battery packs inside any EV, let alone the huge Hummer EV battery. GM says that the selected flanges and seals in the cabinet for its high-voltage battery “may not have been properly primed or electrically coated, which inhibits proper adhesion of the urethane sealant.”

According to the officer NHTSA According to the report, GM is due to recall approximately 735 of the 824 Hummer EVs produced between November 2021 and September 2022. For those wondering, that’s almost all the vehicles delivered to date.

Additionally, the NHTSA states that “vehicles equipped with high-voltage battery pack cases produced outside of the supplier’s suspected manufacturing window are not included in this recall.” Which means a select few owners will be fine.

Judging from the recall notice, GM is aware of three instances where this issue caused water to enter the Hummer EV’s battery pack. In two of those situations, the electric truck would no longer start, while the third ended with a loss of propulsion while driving.

Fortunately, GM reported no injuries, crashes or fires due to the situation. Unfortunately, the automaker did not announce any fixes, a workaround, or when the repairs began. Instead, it appears that GM began alerting dealers this week, with notices sent to owners in late November. We’re hoping it’s a quick fix, but we’ll have to wait and see.

via InsideEVs

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