Google Docs has a new way to insert emoji


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Emoji have become an essential part of modern communication. You might not think they’re a good fit for most documents, but they can add a friendly tone to boring reading. Still, the emoji insert features in your operating system can be off-putting, which is why Google Docs is making things easier.

Google Docs now makes it easy to insert all your favorite emoji, like 💯 and 💩. To add emoji to a document in Google Docs, you can now simply insert an @ symbol and then a description for the emoji. For example, if you want to add a smiley emoji, just type @smile. You can also type @: to access a list of emojis, or tap the arrow symbol to see a full dropdown emoji picker.

This follows the addition of emoji reactions to comments earlier this year. You could already add emoji to your documents using the emoji insertion features already included in your operating system, but this makes it easier for everyone to add them.

If you want to check it out, the new feature should arrive in your Google account within the next 15 days.

Source: Google