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Google Japan’s 5-foot-long keyboard is almost a sword

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If computer keyboards had a problem in recent years, it’s that you could never use them to kill spiders on the ceiling or have a duel in the office. That’s no longer an obstacle thanks to Google Japan, which showed off its five-foot-long Gboard keyboard. Damn the ergonomics.

Gboard’s new QWERTY bar places the keys on a line as wide as a single key and as long as the height of an average child.

“Until now we have only concentrated on the ‘key’ of the keyboard,” explains the tongue-in-cheek video. “We got to a phase where we have to look at what’s next to the key.”

The video claims that such a keyboard is ideal for messy desks, easy to clean with a long brush stroke, and that its narrow frame means you won’t have to worry about cats stepping on the keyboard. Since it’s so long, you can double your efficiency and type along with a friend like those two-seat bikes no one rides.

Tired of searching for a particular letter like Indiana Jones? A problem no more.

“With this keyboard, it is very convenient to immediately know that the letter 16 from the left is G”, explain the creators.

The quasi-release is part of Google Japan’s ongoing series of dumb keyboards, including one that involved bending a spoon.

For those looking to commit to the bit, Google Japan has posted the tech specs on a Github page so anyone with a 3D printer can tidy up their desktop in style or get that ball of wiffle out of their gutters. But your old typing teacher may not approve.

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