Google Wallet is now Google Pay



Google announced in May that the Google Pay app would be renamed Google Wallet, with a fresh, modern design. The update is now starting to roll out to Android phones.

Google Pay already lets you store cards, loyalty programs, digital keys, and other data on your phone for easy access. Google Wallet doesn’t add any innovative features, though it does change the interface; less emphasis is placed on budget features and promotional discounts. Everything in Google Wallet is stacked into a single vertical scrolling list for easy access.

Google Wallet Screenshots
The new Google wallet

However, the launch of Google Wallet is confusing. Google Pay will be updated to Google Wallet in the US and Singapore, and if you still want Pay’s budgeting and money transfer features, it will be available as a standalone app on the Play Store. India isn’t getting the new Wallet app at all, and in the rest of the world, Wallet will completely replace Google Pay.

Importantly, the new app still works in all stores where Google Pay is accepted, and all payment cards, keys, and other stored data remain. Google Wallet is just a rebranding for the app, matching the way iPhones work: Apple Pay is the technology behind payments, while Wallet is the app to access everything.

Google Wallet is now implemented as version 2.150.460235810 of the existing Google Pay app. If you don’t have it yet, Google should push it to your phone soon.

Via: 9to5Google