Here’s how Disney+’s cheapest ad-supported tier will work


How To Watch Disney+ From Anywhere
How To Watch Disney+ From Anywhere
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Disney revealed a few months ago that it was working on a cheaper Disney+ plan that would be supported by ads, expanding the options for one of the best streaming services. Now we have more details on how it will work.

Disney+ currently has a subscription plan, with no ads and a total cost of $7.99 per month (or $79.99 per year). However, there is a cheaper plan in the works that will be subsidized with ads, just like Hulu’s basic plan or HBO Max’s $9.99/month option. Netflix is ​​also working on a less expensive ad-supported subscription, expected to arrive in late 2022.

Disney executives said The Wall Street Journal that the cheapest Disney+ plan will average four minutes of commercials per hour of viewing time. It’s definitely less interruption than you’d see on YouTube and many other ad-supported streaming platforms, and roughly similar to ad-supported HBO Max and Hulu’s basic plan. that’s too much Less advertising than cable TV.

The company’s interview also revealed some details about how the ads will work. Disney is handling ad placements itself, the service won’t show ads on profiles for preschoolers, and the company doesn’t let advertisers choose which shows or movies their ads will appear on. Those factors combined should make Disney+ a much better app for leaving your kids alone than YouTube and some other competitors, and the ad-free option will still be around at the same $7.99/month price.

Disney appears to be taking a hardline stance against advertising aimed at young children to differentiate itself from YouTube, which has had repeated problems with inappropriate videos aimed at children, often dubbed “Elsagate,” because Disney’s Elsa Frozen it is commonly portrayed in videos. A study by Common Sense Media and CS Mott Children’s Hospital in 2020 reported that the YouTube Kids app still showed ads for whiskey, politics, and violent video games, among other topics that some parents might find inappropriate.

Disney has not yet said how much the ad-supported version of Disney+ will cost. It will be available sometime later this year.

Source: The Wall Street Journal