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A VPN is an essential utility for a smooth browsing experience. It allows you to access blocked sites and protects your device from external attacks, such as viral infestations. Several VPN providers are on the scene, and getting the finest one can be quite a task.

At your convenience, we introduce you to iTop VPN. It is one of the best services you can get, priding itself as the go-to VPN for Windows.

So, how good is iTop VPN? To answer this question, we will look at its many highlights.

Free To Download

ITop is one of the best free VPN for Windows you will encounter. You do not have to pay to use its services, which is not easy to find with most service providers.

The impressive thing is that the free version offers you excellent features, ensuring that you have a fulfilling browsing session.


Versatility is another defining highlight of this VPN service. While primarily built for Windows devices, it also works with mobile operating systems. You can download it to your Android or iOS-run device. It means that iTop can offer all-around protection and unrestricted internet access to both your phones and PCs.

A free version for Mac will come out soon, as per a statement from iTop.

Global Connection

ITop VPN is available in over 100 countries, supported by over 1800 servers. As a result, you can enjoy its services in most territories and have the upper hand regarding geo-restrictions.


When looking at usability, you realize that this is one of the most practicable VPN services you will encounter. It is easy to use and very beginner-friendly. To use it, you download and install it, then launch it.

The other amazing thing about iTop is the amazing browsing speeds it grants you. It does away with lag, which can be frustrating.

Additionally, it safeguards your data from several interceptors. As such, you are sure that your info won’t leak to the government or third-party advertisers.

There is the kill-switch feature, which also helps in data security. It comes in handy when the VPN accidentally goes off. It prevents any access to the data you were sending or receiving.

Excellent Deals on the Premium Plans

You can put away the free VPN service in favor of the premium plans. These subscription packages offer more features, like unlimited data bandwidth, faster connectivity, and malware and ad blockage.

Available plans are the 1-month, 6-month, and yearly packages. The yearly package looks amazing, as it gives you amazing features at an 80% discount. You can keep up with the offers by visiting iTop’s site.

24/7 Support

The other highlight of this utility is that it offers round-the-clock support. If you encounter a problem when using this VPN, feel free to contact the customer support team for assistance.


ITop VPN does not spare any effort when it comes to giving you the best service. From the highlights, we can see that it delivers. Get it for your Windows PC or smartphones for free to sample it.