History Podcasts That You Might Find Interesting to Check Out


Are you a history student? Are you looking to broaden your knowledge history-wise? Then this is the article for you. We have explored and created a list of history podcasts that will help you might find interesting.

Listening to a podcast can be an entertaining feat to many. So why not use the podcasts to learn new things. If you are not a student, worry not since the podcasts mentioned in this article helps even adults learn new historical facts. And if you have history as a subject of study at your university or college, then by listening to the following podcasts you will avoid the situation when you need to look for someone who can do my homework. Also, knowing your history can influence you greatly and even change your perspective about the future.

10 Best Podcasts to Listen Right Now

Stuff you missed in history classes

It is a podcast that has been available for quite a while, seven years to be precise. Juggernaut and HowStuffWorks are the producers of this podcast. It is also ranked as one of the most famous history podcasts in the world. Hence, if you love learning, this is probably a podcast you would not want to miss.

The podcast features the hosts Tracy Wilson and Holly Frey, who provide a lot of information about the lost history. The transition from their chatting mode to teaching history is fantastic. The podcast has been able to collect over five million streams over the years.

The show covers a range of topics which include waffle history, Madame Blavatsky, and Bram Stocker. The podcast has several shows, which are recorded twice in one week.

Hardcore History

It is a podcast that has been available for more than fourteen years. It is a history podcast, and it has been around for that long, making it even more interesting to listen to. The podcast is one of the podcasts that have been around for a long time. During its course, it has been able to gather a lot of information. Dan Carlin is the host of the show. He narrates stories that happened in the past which people might have forgotten.

The show is also famous for having lengthy episodes. One podcast can last for about six hours. Doing so makes the podcast suitable to listen to during long journeys.


Do you love to learn about the civil war? It covers civil war, analyzing how each country contributed to the war and how it even ended. The podcast is very informative and can help you view the modern world from a different perspective. You also get to learn how the countries recovered from the war.

The podcast hosts are Jack Hitt, who is an author. Jack has even made an appearance in American Life. Chenjaerai Kumanyika host alongside Jack. He works as a professor at Rutgers and also as a journalist. They both engage and then present historical facts in their discussion. Their conversation unfolds into an engaging discussion about the civil wars creating a clear mental picture of how the battle occurred.

More perfect

The Supreme Court has extraordinary powers and dictates a lot of things in our life. The decisions made in the Supreme Court often find a way of affecting our day-to-day activities. So what better way to live with the impacts of the Supreme Court than to understand how it works?. The podcast is known as “More Perfect,” and it helps you familiarize yourself with the Supreme Court and how it affects society.

The podcast is recorded by the same people who produced Radiolab, which gives it the same musical feel. The podcast is broken down into several episodes, each episode holding a different narrative. It covers a lot of information about civics which you might have studies in eighth grade while studying US history.

The producers have also made an album that covers the twenty-seven amendments. Making it a fascinating podcast to listen to.

Revisionist history

Is Malcolm Gladwell fun? Then you might enjoy listening to this podcast. If you do not know who Malcolm Gladwell, then let me tell you a bit about him. He is a famous writer and also a talented podcaster. He makes the podcast flow interesting and uses his writing skill to give it perfects flow. When he starts narrating historical stories, you will find yourself drifting away into the story.

The show has been happening for a while, too, having recorded five seasons to date. It gives you the advantage of choosing the topic of your liking. The show is engaging and sparks curiosity.


If you like staying alert about the things happening in the world, then this is the podcast for you. Round Abdelfatah and Ramtin Arablouei host it. The hosts uncover all historical events and headlines on the origin of the events.

It covers topics that include the Supreme Court, terrorism, 9/11, and race invention.


If you love history, then the podcasts mentioned in this article might help you nourish your mind. The podcast isn’t just informative but also fun to listen to.