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Hot coffee, cold coffee or iced coffee?

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Some days, you need a higher dose of caffeine than others. We have all been there. When you reach for your morning cup of coffee, is there a difference between hot coffee, iced coffee, and cold coffee?

It turns out that yes, there could be different amounts of caffeine in your coffee depending on how you like it. The temperature of the water and the preparation time are what really matters.

For those really looking to get a kick of caffeine, hot coffee is best, and it doesn’t have to be espresso, either. A cup of regular drip coffee has the most caffeine compared to iced coffee and cold brew coffee. Why though?

When you brew coffee via a drip, pour-over, or other means, hot water allows for better caffeine extraction. This makes it stronger with caffeine amounts averaging 210-360 mg per 16 oz. In the meantime, a normal shot of 150mg espresso. Amazing, right?

As for second and third place in the caffeine wars? Cold beer comes later. While it’s obviously not brewed with hot water, it typically requires more ground coffee than regular brewing and is left to sit for long periods of time. That’s what makes it more caffeinated than iced coffee. While iced coffee was once brewed hot, the cooling process combined with the ice often added to the drink makes the caffeine weaker.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your brew in the mornings, it’s best to stick to good old-fashioned drip coffee. Hey, there’s something about simplicity, right?

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