How can you optimize your Physical Health



There are several aspects that will help us improve our productivity and performance. Mainly they will have to do with leading a balanced life, having a suitable family environment, and having good health, both mental and physical. At the expense of detailing each one below, we can define them in the following main points:

  • Familiar surroundings
  • Work environment
  • Rest
  • Physical state
  • Feeding
  • Stress

Familiar surroundings

One of the fundamental aspects to perform in our professional and personal environment and fulfill our vital goals will be to have a suitable family environment. An optimal personal and family life will be essential to achieve all the objectives that we set ourselves.

Surely this aspect is the most important of all, since having the support of your parents, partner or family will be essential to give balance to your life and be able to dedicate it to achieving your goals. Spending time with the family to find your individual balance will allow you to dedicate all your energy to what complements your life beyond this. For this reason, it will be important to take care of this aspect and establish it as a fundamental part of our habits.

Therefore, an unbalanced life or any family problem will have a tremendously negative impact on your happiness, a fundamental aspect to achieve optimal performance in studies or at work.

2. Work environment

Having an environment and optimal work tools will help us appreciably to increase our productivity.

Regarding the work environment, it must have at least the following :

  • An adequate light that adapts to our situation, time of day, mood, etc. (the blue light will enhance our focus and the yellow will give us balance).
  • physical conditions suitable , in terms of ergonomics (chair, posture, etc.), temperature, humidity, noise , etc.
  • suitable system that adapts to our needs (laptop, desktop, Mac, Windows, Tablet, etc.). Having a large or double inch screen will significantly increase our creative capacity and personal organization. As for paper, an optimal organizational system will ensure that you always have the right information at the right time.
  • Order . An orderly work environment (both digital and physical) will be essential for the balance of our mind and to face our tasks with maximum productivity.
  • suitable environment both with our colleagues, as managers or subordinates . The teams get maximum performance when working under conditions of trust and respect .

3. Rest

A 7 or 8-hour break will be essential to start the day with the best mood and maximum energy.

Several studies also link a bad rest with an increase in physical weight, reduced productivity, reduced learning capacity, bad mood, etc. It also appears that there is a clear link between poor sleep and diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

4. Physical state

good physical condition will help us to improve our mood, health, and energy, which will be essential in our day-to-day (and even more as we advance in age).

Taking time to perform high-intensity tasks (150 minutes a week is recommended) with anaerobic work (bodybuilding) will result in the better physical condition and health, which will cause us to be less prone to falling ill, will extend our hope and quality of life and ultimately, it will improve the basic and fundamental aspects of our human condition.


balanced diet will help us improve our physical health, complementing the aspects already defined in the previous point.

A good physical condition, together with a good diet, will be basic aspects to improve our vital condition and extend our hope and quality of life. High weight is linked in numerous scientific studies to cardiovascular diseases, an increase in the prognosis of cancer, and ultimately a reduction in life expectancy.

6. Stress

We currently live in a tremendously interconnected and demanding world. The great competitiveness that exists in all aspects of life means that from a very young age we are subjected to high pressures, which will lead to anxiety and stress in our adulthood.

Additionally, the current professional environment has changed significantly in the last 10 years and is mainly due to new technologies. All this forces us in some way to be connected 24-7-365, affecting in a very direct way our health, family environment, and professional performance.

The be able to control these stressful situations will be critical to maintaining a proper balance in our lives. In turn, various studies link high stress with a greater increase in cancer.

To counteract the aforementioned, various methods will help us reduce our stress level and among them, we can include Prayer, Meditation, and knowing how to disconnect and dedicate the important time to the important things (Habits). All this will allow us to recharge our batteries and be always prepared for the most demanding moments.

As we have seen, balanced life and a suitable environment will be essential to achieve the vital, personal, family, and professional goals that we define. Taking care of our family, ourselves and finding an optimal personal and professional environment will help us greatly to increase our productivity, be more efficient, happy and, ultimately, achieve all the projects that we set ourselves in life.

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