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How long does the Uber background check take?

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You can run a background check on yourself or someone else using the form below. (Only for personal use)

First name:




All states Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut District of Columbia Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virgin Islands Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Secure Connection. The results of the background check will open in a new window on the TruthFinder website.


Did you know that 25% of Americans use Uber at least once a month?

This is a good percentage!

Have you ever thought about becoming an Uber driver? Yes?

So let’s talk about background checks. They are an absolute necessity in the application process (and after). Through them, the company can determine how trustworthy you are.

Like this.

How long does an Uber background check take and how is it done?

Here is the drill:

What is an Uber background check?

A background check is an essential part of the Uber hiring process. they are looking for a cleansed criminal recordnot just good driving skills.

The process is driven by a third company, check. It is accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association. It follows federal and state standards, which means your information will stay secure.

The Uber background check is conducted not only during the hiring process, but also at least once a year after. As a company driver, maintaining a good record is your responsibility. If not, you may be disabled.


You will have to give consent for an Uber driver assessment to take place. The company will ask:

  • Name and surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security number
  • Current address
  • driver’s license number

What controls are involved?

The company will observe seven years behind on your record and seldom beyond. However, in California, for example, the law requires you to check if there is any crime in your life. It sounds a bit dramatic, but it can’t be helped.

Here are the two Uber driver checks that take place:

driving record

First, you must have a valid driver’s license and one year of driving experience in the United States if you are 25 years of age or older. Younger candidates must have at least three years from experience.

Uber checks any driver for:

  • Driving Record Points
  • Driving license validity
  • Traffic accidents, including minor infractions
  • Highway code violations, convictions and fines
  • Serious driving offenses
  • public DUI records
  • careless driving

Crime story

Uber criminal background checks include national and national registries and databases. Pending charges will result in disqualification unless ultimately resolved in your favor.

You will likely be barred if the following convictions are found:

  • offenses
  • violent crimes
  • sexual offenses
  • DUI
  • Stole
  • Damage to property
  • minor infractions

How long does the Uber background check take??

Uber’s approval process typically takes between three to five business days. However, there are multiple factors that can make the process difficult: a large number of applicants and local government processes are two of them.

As mentioned above, Checkr requires your consent to proceed with any driver assessment. After allowing them to review your information, you will be able to see the status of your driver profile in the Uber app. When the company makes a decision, you will be notified by email.

Background Check Status

Here’s what each Uber background check status means:

  • Induction– evaluation is in progress. In case a week has passed and the status still hasn’t changed, feel free to contact the company and make sure everything is ok.
  • on the waiting list—There may be problems with your documents or there is a repetition of your information.
  • Consider—Review completed and thoroughly revised if necessary.
  • Active—You are approved and authorized to begin accepting rides. If it says Rejected instead, you know you didn’t pass.

How to avoid rejection

If you don’t meet any of the above requirements, you will likely be rejected. The company doesn’t usually tell you why, so just in case you want an explanation, you should contact them.

If you believe an error was made during the Uber driver evaluation and you have the necessary qualifications, contact both companies. If you ask Checkr to correct your report, Checkr must resubmit it to Uber.

To avoid being denied, you can request your motor vehicle registration and review it. If you find minor traffic violations, check to see if they can be removed within take a road safety class.

Also, if any of your violations are old enough to be unverified, you you can wait a while before applying. This is not a violent crime.

One other thing: Check your state laws and see if any convictions can be expunged.

To wrap

Uber background checks are a necessary part of the recruiting process. It is a way of avoiding careless hiring and accepting potentially dangerous people as drivers.

The screening process involves reviewing your driving record and criminal record. Most of the time, the background check company will only look back seven years, with the exception of a few states.

Well, now you are ready!

Good luck and always stay safe on the road!


Does Uber do background checks?

Yes. Once during the hiring process and if you are accepted, at least once a year thereafter. Make sure to keep your registry clean!

How far does the Uber background check go?

Uber’s background check policy is to observe seven years ago in your history. However, in some states they are required by law to investigate further.

Why is Uber taking so long with the background check?

Some things may be delayed in the selection process. Some of these are local government judgments, access to county court records, and a large number of applicants.

So, in general, how long does an Uber background check take?

Usually – three to five business days. If you have been waiting for a while, you can call Uber and check if something is wrong.

Does Uber hire ex-felons?

Uber claims to have a second chance policy. The company also signed the White House Fair Chance Business Commitment to fair employment opportunities for people with criminal records. So if your record is more than seven years old, you have a chance.

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