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How to Add a Background Image in Google Docs

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The easiest way to add a background image is through the watermark feature. Select Insert > Watermark and choose the image you want to use for the background. To add a background image to just a single page, use the Insert > Image option instead. Set the image to “Behind Text”.

You may be working on a document that could benefit from a background image. You can easily add images to your documents within Google Docs. We’ll show you how.

Unlike Word, which allows you to use an image as the background of your document, Google Docs only allows you to change the color of the page. However, there are some solutions that you can try.

Add and adjust a watermark image background

The easiest way to add an image background in Google Docs is to use the Watermark feature. With it, you can cover every page of your document and adjust the transparency of the image.

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Open your document, select the Insert menu, and choose “Watermark.”

Watermark in the Insert menu in Google Docs

When the Watermark sidebar opens, confirm that you are on the Image tab. Then click “Select Image”.

Select image in watermark sidebar

Locate, select and insert your image. You can upload an image, use your camera to capture one, enter a URL, or choose a photo from Google Drive, Photos, or Images.

Image placement options in Google Docs

You will then see the image appear as a watermark on your document. It will also show up in the watermark sidebar.

Watermark image in Google Docs

In the sidebar, you can use the Scale dropdown box to make the image bigger or smaller. To remove transparency, uncheck the box for Bleached.

To make other adjustments such as brightness, contrast, size, or rotation, select “More image options.”

Sidebar watermark formatting options

When you finish making adjustments, select “Done” to save the image background.

Because the image becomes part of the document background, you can add text, insert tables, and continue building your document as normal. The background will not be disturbed.

Watermark image in Google Docs with text on the page

If you want to edit the image later, double-click the background and choose “Edit Watermark” which is displayed at the bottom of the page. This reopens the sidebar for you to make your changes or remove the watermark.

Insert, resize, and lock an image background

The downside of the watermark feature is that it applies to all pages of your document. If you want your background image to apply to only one page, you can use the Insert option instead.

Go to Insert > Image and choose the location of the image from the popup menu. Navigate to the image, select it, and choose “Insert.”

Image placement options in Google Docs

Change image size

When the image appears in your document, you may need to resize it to fit the entire page, depending on its size. You can drag a corner of the image to resize it while maintaining the aspect ratio, or drag an edge if the aspect ratio is not critical.

Image embedded in Google Docs

Alternatively, choose “Image Options” on the toolbar, expand the Size and Rotation section, and enter the measurements in the Size area.

Image Options Sidebar Size Section

Place the image behind the text

Next, you’ll want to place the image behind the text in your document. Select the image and choose the Behind Text icon in the floating toolbar below it.

Behind the text in the image floating toolbar

Or click “Image Options” on the top toolbar to open the sidebar. Expand the Wrapping Text section and choose “Behind Text.”

Behind text in the Text Wrap section of the sidebar

Lock image position

Finally, you need to lock the position of the image on the page so it doesn’t move when you add text or other elements. Select the image and choose “Fix position on page” from the dropdown box on the floating toolbar.

Set page position on image toolbar

Note: You won’t see this dropdown box on the toolbar until you select the Behind Text icon, as described above.

Alternatively, click “Image Options” on the top toolbar, expand the Position section, and check the “Fix position on page” option.

Fix page position in image options sidebar

Additional Settings

Depending on how you want your image to appear, you may want to adjust it. You can make it more transparent, change the brightness, or recolor it.

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Select the image and choose “Image Options” on the top toolbar. You can use the Recolor and Adjustments sections in the sidebar for your changes.

Recolor and Adjustments in the Image Options sidebar

If you decide to remove the image background later, select the image and press the Delete key or right-click and choose “Delete”.

Delete in the image context menu

And that is! While you’re here, why don’t you learn how to move images in Google Docs?


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