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How to automatically change Apple Watch faces

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Tim Brookes / Instruction Geek

Start by creating new watch faces in your iPhone’s Watch app using the “Face Gallery” tab. Then set your new watch faces to fire by creating focus modes or shortcut automations.

You can change your Apple Watch face automatically throughout the day based on time, location, or activity. Whether you want to show work-related apps while you’re at work or something simpler for when you want to go offline, you can use this quick guide.

Set up watch faces first

The first thing you need to do is create the watch faces that you want to wear throughout the day. The easiest way to do this is through the “Face Gallery” tab in the Watch app on your iPhone.

Explore the various faces available, and then customize them to your liking based on your intended use.

You can choose colors, styles, and which complications appear on your Apple Watch. Consider selecting watch faces suitable for work, the gym, or while at home.

Watch "My faces" in the Watch app for iPhone

These faces will now be stored on your watch. You can switch between them at any time by swiping left and right on your watch face.

You can also customize them in the “My Watch” tab in the Watch app on your iPhone or by tapping and holding the watch face and then tapping the “Edit” button.

Choose watch faces based on focus modes

Focus modes let you filter out distractions in your life by blocking specific notifications, contacts, calendars, mailboxes, and more. You can set the focus modes to change automatically throughout the day in the Settings > Focus menu.

Turn on the focus modes you’d like to use, customize them as you see fit, and tell your iPhone how you’d like to activate each one. You can then link your focus mode to one of the watch faces you created earlier.

Just tap “Choose” under the watch face you want to use.

Customize focus lock screen, home screen and watch face

Choose watch faces based on shortcut automations

If you don’t want to use focus modes on your iPhone, but still want to change watch faces automatically, you can set triggers to change the watch face with Apple’s Shortcuts app for iPhone.

To do this, launch Shortcuts on your iPhone and tap on the Automation tab. Then tap on the plus “+” icon at the top right corner of the screen.

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Tap “Create Personal Automation” to get started, then choose a trigger you’d like to use.

Create personal automation on shortcuts for iPhone

This could be a time of day, your arrival at a specific location, when you connect to CarPlay, or even when you touch an NFC tag.

Set a trigger for a shortcut automation

Some of these triggers allow you to get even more granularity. For example, you can specify a time range during which automation can be activated or a specific type of training.

Customize the automation trigger in Shortcuts for iPhone

On the next screen, tap “Add Action” and drop “Set Watch Face” into your workflow. Tap “Choose” and choose from the list of faces currently saved on your watch.

Set Watch Face Action to Shortcuts

Tap “Next” and disable “Ask before running” to have the automation run every time. Tap “Done” to save it. You can swipe left on your automation to delete it or tap on it to make changes.

View automations in the Shortcuts app for iPhone

Don’t forget to set up the corresponding automations if you decide to go this route. For example, you might want to set up a clock face for when you leave for work in the morning and a “When I leave” trigger to change the screen to something else when you head home.

Do more with shortcuts

Shortcuts is one of the most useful iPhone apps. You can use it to create time-saving macros or just download shortcuts that other people have created. They even sync through iCloud, and many work on macOS like they do on iOS or iPadOS.

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