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How to block a domain in Microsoft Outlook

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If you receive spam from multiple unique senders on a single domain, you can block that entire domain in Microsoft Outlook on the desktop app or on the web.

This is great advice if the same company emails you from, say, “[email protected]”, “[email protected]” Y “[email protected]”. Blocking each address is time consuming, but blocking the domain “example.com” sends all those emails to the spam folder automatically. This keeps them out of your Outlook inbox and out of your way. weather.

Lock a domain in Outlook on your desktop

To block a domain in Outlook on your desktop, you’ll need to make a change to your spam filter settings. Do one of the following to open this configuration.

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  • Right click on an email in your inbox, move to Junk and select “Junk Email Options”.
  • Go to the Home tab, select the Spam drop-down menu in the Delete section of the ribbon, and select “Spam Options”.

Spam options in the spam dropdown menu

When the Junk Email Options box opens, select the Block Senders tab. At the top, click “Add.”

Add button to blocked senders list in Outlook

Enter the domain you want to block as “@domain.com” or “domain.com” and click “OK”.

Enter the domain name to block

You will then see that domain on your blocked senders list. Do the same to block additional domains. When you’re done, select “Apply” and “OK.”

Domain added to Outlook Block List

All future emails you receive from that domain will go directly to your Junk Email folder.

Block a domain in Outlook on the web

Blocking a domain in Outlook on the web is similar; you’ll do it in your spam settings.

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Select the gear icon at the top right to display the Settings sidebar. Then scroll to the bottom and choose “See all Outlook settings.”

See all Outlook on the web settings

In the far left column, select “Email” and on the right, select “Spam.” At the top, in the Blocked domains and senders section, click “Add”.

Option to add a sender in spam settings

Enter the domain you want to block without the @ (at) symbol, for example “domain.com”. Then press Enter or Return.

Domain entered to block

You can then see the domain in the list of senders and blocked domains. Click “Save”, use the X in the top right to exit the settings, and be relieved that future emails will be directed to the spam folder.

Domain on the blocked senders list

When you block a domain in Outlook, you don’t have to spend time cleaning out your inbox to delete emails you no longer want. For more information, see also how to unsubscribe from email newsletters. If you have a Google account, you can also block domains in Gmail.

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