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How to block a number on Android

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Justin Duino / Instruction Geek
From the Google Phone app, open the menu and go to “Call History.” Select a contact and tap “Block/Report spam”.

On Samsung Galaxy devices, go to Settings > Block numbers and enter a phone number to block.

One of the most annoying things about carrying a phone in your pocket is unwanted phone calls. Whether it’s unwanted calls or someone you don’t want to talk to anymore, we’ll show you how to block them on Android.

All Android devices vary a bit, so the methods in this guide may not work for your situation. We will demo using a Samsung Galaxy phone and a Google Pixel phone. If you don’t have one of these, feel free to continue.

How to block numbers on Android

Google Pixel phones come pre-installed with the “Phone by Google” app. This app can be installed on some non-Pixel devices, but not all features work.

First, open the Phone app and go to the “Recents” tab. From here, tap on the three-dot menu icon in the top search bar.

Touch the Recent tab menu.

Select “Call History” from the drop down menu.

Select "Call History" on the menu.

Touch a call from the list and more options will expand. Simply select “Block/Report spam”.

Select a call and then touch "Block/Report spam".

A popup window will appear. You can also choose to report the number as spam by checking the box before confirming that you want to block the phone number by tapping the “Block” button.

touch "Block" to confirm.

That’s all about it! Blocked numbers can be found in the Phone app settings under “Blocked numbers”. From there, you can unlock them.

How to block unwanted calls on Android

Whether you have a Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, or another Android device, you can block unwanted calls. We’ll show you how it works with the “Phone by Google” app and Samsung’s default phone app.

Block unwanted calls with Google Phone

We will go to the “Spam and Call Screen” section of the settings to block spam calls in the “Phone by Google” application. First, open the app and tap on the three-dot menu icon in the search bar.

Select “Settings” from the menu.

Select "Setting".

In the Settings menu, tap on “Spam & Call Screen”. It may also be called “Caller ID & Spam”.

open "Spam and call screen".

This is where things will be a little different depending on your phone. Google Pixel devices have access to a feature called “Call Screen”. Select it and choose Spam > Silent Decline. If you want, you can have the Google Assistant evaluate the call for you.

Pixel spam call settings.

Non-Pixel devices using the Phone by Google app will simply have the option to “Filter unwanted calls.”

active "Filter unwanted calls".

Block unwanted calls with Samsung phone

Samsung Galaxy phones include a default “Phone” application with an option to block unwanted calls. First, open the app and tap on the three-dot menu icon at the top right corner.

Select “Settings” from the drop down menu.

Select "Setting" on the menu.

Go to Caller ID & Spam Protection.

Select "Caller ID and spam protection".

Turn it on at the top of the screen, then switch to “Block spam and scam calls.”

active "Block spam calls and scams".

After you activate the first one, you will be able to choose between “Block all spam and scam calls” or “Only block calls from high risk scams”.

Choose which spam calls to block.

That’s all there is to block unwanted calls on Android. If your device doesn’t have one of these phone apps, you should still be able to find a similar option.

How to block calls on Samsung Galaxy phones

Open the default phone app that comes pre-installed on your Samsung phone. Make sure you’re on the “Recents” tab and tap the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner.

Select “Settings” from the drop down menu.

Select "Setting" on the menu.

At the top, tap “Block numbers.”

touch "block numbers".

Here, you can toggle a switch to “Block Unknown Callers” automatically. Also, you can manually add phone numbers to block or select from your “Recents” and “Contacts”.

Block unknown calls with the toggle.

When entering a number manually, tap the + button to add it.

Selecting between “Recents” or “Contacts” will immediately add them to the list, which can also be seen on this screen.

List of blocked numbers.

That’s all about it! You can simply tap on the red minus icon to stop blocking a number.

How to unblock an Android number

Unblocking a number is usually the same process as blocking, and some phone apps have a section dedicated to blocked numbers.

In the Phone by Google app, go to Settings > Blocked numbers and tap the “X” icon next to the number you want to unblock.

Tap the X to unblock a number.

In the Samsung Phone app, go to Settings > Block numbers and tap the minus icon next to the number you want to unblock.

Simple as that! You will now be able to receive calls from the previously blocked number.

How to know if someone blocked your number on Android

There’s no definitive way to tell if someone has blocked your phone number (you won’t be notified), but there are some clues to look for it. can suggest that it has happened.

First, if your calls always go directly to voicemail or only ring once before going to voicemail, it could be a sign that you’re blocked. A typical call will ring more than once. However, the recipient may have simply turned off their phone or put it into Do Not Disturb mode.

You can also try leaving a message and see if they get back to you. If their number has been blocked, they will not receive voicemail. Again, this is not a sure way to tell if you have been blocked. They may just be slow to respond.

For better or worse, you’ll either have to figure it out on your own, or ask your friends and family to do the acknowledgment for you. If you suspect that you have been blocked, it is best to respect their wishes.

How to block text messages on Android

You can block text messages right from the messaging app on your Android phone. Numbers that you block from the phone app, as shown in the previous sections, will not be able to send you text messages. You don’t need to block phone calls and text messages independently, but you can from either app.

With the Google Messages app, you can tap the three-dot menu icon in a conversation and select “Details” to access the “Block and report spam” option.

Block text messages on Google Phone.

In Samsung’s default “Messaging” app, open a conversation and tap the drop-down arrow next to the contact’s name. Tap on the information icon, then select “Block Contact” from the three-dot menu.

Block text messages on Galaxy phone.

For more detailed instructions, check out our complete guide on how to block text messages on Android.

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That’s the low point in blocking phone calls on Android. You have a few different methods to choose from, and also the ability to block spam. If instead of blocking calls you want to forward calls to a different phone, learn how to set up call forwarding on Android. You may also want to know how to block your number from showing up on caller ID.


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