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How to block subreddits on Reddit

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One way to block subreddits is to use the old Reddit interface at old.reddit.com and add the subreddit to your filter list on r/all. If you’re willing to pay a monthly or yearly fee, you can sign up for Reddit Premium, which allows you to block subreddits on the new Reddit.

Looking for a way to block a subreddit on your r/all food? You can block specific subreddits from appearing there, although Reddit makes it a bit tricky. We will show you your options.

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Block a subreddit on r/all with Old Reddit

A fast, easy and free way to block rom subreddits appearing on your r/all feed is to use the old Reddit website. There you will find the option to block any subreddits you want without paying anything or using third-party tools.

Note: Blocking a subreddit only disables that subreddit’s content on r/all . You are free to access the subreddit anytime you want.

To use this method, in the web browser of your Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, iPhone, iPad, or Android device, launch the old Reddit site at old.reddit.com. Then sign in to your account if you haven’t already.

After login, access yours r/all feeds. Then on the right hand side you will find a “Filter Subreddit” text box. Here you can specify the subreddits you don’t want to see in your feed.

from reddit "Filter subreddits" Text's box.

To block a subreddit, click in this text box and type the name of the subreddit. Then click the “+” (plus) icon. Similarly, add other subreddits you want to block.

Once you’ve specified your subreddits, refresh the page in your web browser. Doing so will recharge r/all with his chosen subreddits omitted from him.

Later, to unblock a subreddit, select the “X” icon next to that item in the right sidebar.

And this is how you get a curated Reddit feed across your various devices. Enjoy!

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Block subreddits on r/all with Reddit Premium

If you’re used to Reddit’s new design and don’t want to switch back to the old interface to block subreddits, you’ll need to subscribe to Reddit Premium to be able to disable certain subreddits on your r/all feeds

Reddit Premium is the paid membership of the platform that gives you several features that you don’t get as a free user. These premium features include the ability to block subreddits, get ad-free browsing, customize your avatar with gear and accessories, get 700 coins monthly, customize your app icon, access the members lounge, and get the ability to award Premium Rewards. You get all these features by paying Reddit $5.99/month or $49.99/year.

To sign up for the paid plan, all you need to do is access the Reddit Premium site in your web browser, choose a plan, sign in to your account, and follow the onscreen instructions.

Reddit Premium Site.

Once you have subscribed to the plan, you can start enjoying all your premium benefits. To block a subreddit on Reddit Premium, hit the hammer icon on that subreddit in your r/all feeds

And this is how you secure your Reddit r/all the feed does not show the subreddits that you are not interested in. Enjoy a curated Reddit experience on your devices!

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