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The Undo option on computers was invented in the 1970s and is still relevant today. Undo and Redo buttons They are useful when we make a typing error or any other involuntary mistake while working on a task. Our guide explains how to undo (and redo) on a Mac.

How to cancel on a Mac?

The Cancel button on a Mac is very useful when you want it invest yours last action in a document. He can come to the rescue. of ending errors like typos, deleted paragraphs, or files moved to the wrong folder. This feature is present in almost all Mac applications, including:

  • Pages
  • key notes
  • apple notes
  • edit text
  • iMovie

The two options for performing an Undo action include a command using a keyboard

shortcut or Edit menu.

Keyboard Domain

The easiest way to do this is to use the Cancel link on the Mac by pressing Command + Z at the same time, which will undo your last action. If you want to undo more actions, press the button combination again.

If you can’t or don’t want to use the keyboard, follow the steps below.

  1. Find the menu bar at the top of the app;
  2. Click Edit;
  3. Click Cancel Write.

You can use the Undo command on a Mac as many times as you like.

How to repeat on a Mac?

Let’s say you’ve marked a paragraph and inadvertently clicked Undo. In such cases, the Repeat option is invaluable. As with the Undo option, you can use the following two simple methods to redo your work.

Keyboard Domain

The keyboard shortcut repeat on a Mac is Command + Z + Shiftwhat you press at the same time.

You can use the Redo command on a Mac if you want to undo your work. Undo recent changes to a document, then redo them if you change your mind.

If you don’t want to use the keyboard, follow the steps below in the Edit menu.

  1. Find the menu bar;
  2. Select Edit;
  3. Click Repeat Typing.

selecting the Repeat write option

You can also perform these actions on Apple devices, as shown below.

How to undo and redo on Apple mobile devices

The next steps to undo triggered unintentional actions iPhone are simple (This process is quite different [and amusing] than Undo write on a Mac.)

I call by phone

1. Shake your phone (a pop-up window will ask you to cancel typing);

a popup that appears after shaking the phone

2. Click Cancel;

3. Shake the phone again if you want to repeat the typing;

Repeat the writing window that opens

4. Select Repeat Write.


  1. Just like Undo on the Mac, go to the Edit menu;
  2. Click the Undo/Redo buttons on the touch keyboard. (If you have a physical keyboard, do the same combination as you do with a Mac.)

But what if the Undo/Redo buttons are grayed out and you can’t access them?

Why are the Undo/Redo buttons grayed out?

gray buttons shown

One of the reasons you can’t undo or redo on a Mac is because you might have

opened a document there is nothing to change. (You start a new action each time

close a document and reopen it).

Also, if you have exhausted all the changes that can be made, and there are

there is nothing left to reverse.

Clear history on a Mac

The Undo option was created in the 1970s for the Xerox Alto computer, specifically the Bravo word processor. When Apple designed the Apple Lisa in 1983, it borrowed many interface elements from Alto software.

To wrap

Today, Undo and Redo are essential features of all major IT platforms—Available since the birth of Macintosh. Learning to undo on a Mac is easy and helpful when you make a mistake while working on a document. You can use the Undo shortcut on a Mac with the keyboard or go to the Edit menu and select the option. The Redo option is also useful when you have used the Undo button and want to undo the action; just do it using the key combination or the Edit menu.