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How to Center Text in a Table in Adobe InDesign

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Adobe InDesign has so many sophisticated features that even something seemingly as simple as centering text in a table can be overwhelming. Not many steps are required, but the vertical and horizontal alignment options are in two separate places.

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Horizontally center text in a table

To center the text, you will need to align it both horizontally and vertically. Center the text horizontally by selecting the Type tool and selecting “Align Center” under Paragraph. To center text vertically, you’ll need to adjust the Vertical Justification setting in the Cell Options window.

The option to horizontally center your text in a table is easy to locate. First, open the InDesign file that contains the table with the text, and then select the “Text Tool” option (the “T” icon) in the left panel.

The Text Tool option.

Next, select the cells in which you would like to center the text. You can select cells by clicking and dragging the mouse over them.

Selected cells in a table.

In the right panel, you’ll be on the “Properties” tab. Locate the “Paragraph” group and select the “Align Center” option.

Center alignment option.

If your cell has a lot of text, you can also choose to justify each line and center the last line of text within the cell. Select the cell, and then choose the “Justify with last line center-aligned” option.

Justify and center alignment option.

The selected text will be center aligned, horizontally.

Center aligned text.

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Vertically center text in a table

The option to center and align text vertically in a table cell is a bit more hidden. First, select the “Tool Type” option (the “T” icon) in the left panel.

Now select the table cells you would like to vertically center the text by clicking and dragging over them.

Selected cells.

Click “Table” in the header menu, hover over “Cell Options” in the dropdown menu, and then select “Text” in the submenu.

The Cell Options window will appear. In the “Vertical Justification” group, select “Align Center” from the Align drop-down menu. Click “OK” to apply it to the selected text.

Vertical center alignment option.

The text is now vertically aligned in the cells.

Center-aligned text in vertical and horizontal positions.

That’s all about it. After formatting the text, tables, and layouts within the InDesign file, you can save and send it as a PDF; just make sure your PDF presets are correct for your PDF type before doing so.

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