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How to check Amazon gift card balance without redeeming?

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Your quick reply:

  1. If you have an Amazon gift card and want to check your balance before selecting a product based on it, you have a few indirect ways to check your gift card balance.
  2. If you intend to redeem the GC while purchasing a product, you may see the balance on the checkout page and it will not be redeemed until you have made purchases with it.
  3. To check your Amazon gift card balance, you can enter the gift card code in the box and then click the “Check” button to get the balance value. You can also proceed to get items with the GC and you will find out what value it is worth.
  4. You can use the gift card to purchase any item on amazon.com or you can include the amount on the gift card in the gift card wallet to use for future orders.
  5. In any case, if you just need to check your balance, you can easily do it from the Amazon.com gift card option. You must be careful that the gift card is not redeemed during the balance check.

A person can send an Amazon gift card in many ways, and if you need to check the balance, you need to understand that Amazon.com gift cards can only be redeemed on the Amazon.com site.

Also, you can only send the gift card amount to your bank account with a few steps.

Following these lines, right here you will know the methods to check the balance of your Amazon gift card without redeeming it.

How much is the Amazon gift card worth: check the amount:

The Amazon team has their own tips for checking your Amazon.com Gift Card balance, you can check out the screenshots of the conversation here for help.


In this process you can also check the balance of the electronic gift card and the balance of the physical gift card.


You can see by contacting customer service that your issue will be resolved to check gift card balance even without redeeming, all you need is just gift card ID.

But for now, Amazon.com no longer displays this option.

You can apply these alternative ways which will be equally useful to check gift card balance and your main intention behind amazon gift card balance check will be solved with this.

However, if you want to buy an Amazon product and then pay without interest, you can take advantage of Amazon’s monthly payments option.

🏷 Create an Amazon account for Gift Card / Reloadable Card

To open an Amazon account, you need to go to the respective Amazon website.

You can use any combination of Amazon domains to sign up for an Amazon account.

Just like signing up for amazon.com, the same username and password can be used to sign in to other Amazon websites, such as amazon.ca