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How to Choose Fuel Delivery Services: Everything You Need to Know

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Businesses are getting squeezed by inflation and high prices at the pump. Right now, gas prices are sitting at $3.70 a gallon.

If events taught us anything over the last couple of years, it’s that things can change quickly, and not always for the better.

Does your business depend on transportation? Trucking, moving, and delivery services live and die by fuel prices.

It’s more important than ever to choose fuel delivery services that can help you weather the turbulent times ahead.

The right partner can help maintain stability within your business, even as the world around you gets more volatile and unpredictable.

How can you ensure that you have the right fuel delivery service for your fleet? Keep reading to find out.

Know the Types of Fueling Options

One of the common ways that a fleet fuels up is by going to retail gas stations. Retail is convenient for you and your drivers, but that convenience comes at a cost.

You’re going to pay retail prices at the pump. Your business could use cardlocks, which are nothing more than unattended truck stops.

Cardlocks have cheaper fuel options than retail stations, but they’re not as common. They could be difficult for you and your drivers to locate when you need them the most.

Buying wholesale fuel is cheap to purchase. On the flip side, you’ll have to store and maintain the fuel. That can raise your costs quite a bit.

Mobile fleet fueling can help you offset employee costs to refuel. It’s convenient and you can save time and money by hiring a mobile fuel service. That ensures your fleet is ready to go each day.

You’ll want to make sure that you have the right type of service for your business and then you can start looking for companies.

Get Referrals and Recommendations

Trucking and transportation are competitive industries, but that doesn’t mean that your business operates in isolation.

You probably have a network of drivers and business owners who know about the various fuel delivery services in your area.

Another possibility is if the fleet parks in a commercial lot. Commercial lots often provide fueling services or have a fuel delivery option.

You’ll need to check with the operator of the lot to see if they do have a service provider. You may have to use that provider exclusively.

When you get a few names of companies from colleagues, have them introduce you to your account rep. You’re much more likely to get better treatment than if you contact the company on your own.

Account reps want to keep the referrals from customers happy, so they’ll go out of their way to make sure you’re taken care of.

Check Online Reviews

You’re going to get special treatment from referrals, but you want to make sure that you’ll get superior service after you sign an agreement with the company.

Online reviews are very telling because real customers share their pleasure and displeasure online. Look at patterns within the reviews.

That will help you see potential problems with companies. For example, if multiple reviews complain that a company is slow to respond, you could get the same treatment after you sign up.

Reviews will tell you about the quality of customer service. This is a critical thing to look for because if you have an issue like a billing error or a later delivery, it needs to get resolved immediately.

That won’t happen with a slow or unresponsive customer service team. You rely on a fuel delivery company to be a partner in your business.

Check Fleet Fueling Schedules

The great thing about mobile fleet fueling is that they’ll show up at your location. The best service providers have 24/7 availability so you can schedule fleet fueling when it’s best for your business.

There are providers that have limited schedules, which can hinder how your business operates. The point of having a mobile service provider is to maximize your fleet’s efficiency.

Ask about the fleet fueling schedules and make sure they work with your schedule.

Think well into the future, too. Try to anticipate any changes in your business so your fleet fueling company can meet your needs now and in the future.  

Compare Fuel Delivery Costs

At this point, you’re likely looking for fuel delivery services to save money while costs continue to go up. Carefully look at your current costs and fueling needs.

Look at the different contracts and proposals. You don’t want to go with a provider only because they’re the cheapest.

Weigh the quality of service with the costs. You want to have quality service with value pricing.

Contract Terms

Contracts are boring to read, but you don’t want to make a huge mistake signing your business away. Look for things like the costs of fuel, markups, and how you get notified of service increases.

Other terms to look for include the duration of the contract and your ability to break the contract. Some providers make it very expensive to break the contract once you sign it.

Be sure to understand what services are provided and what costs extra. For instance, does the provider charge for emergency fueling, or is that included?

Compare the costs carefully and the terms of the contract. You’ll ensure that you’re not locked into a contract that doesn’t work for your business.

Choose Fuel Delivery Services for Your Business

When you choose fuel delivery services for your business, you’re choosing a business partner to provide the best service that fits your business needs and your budget.

These tips showed you the options for delivery services and how to get the best fuel delivery experience. Use these tips, and you’ll have a more efficient business.

Now that you know how to find a fuel delivery service, check out the other tips in the blog to help you optimize your business.

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