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How to close an Apple Watch app

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There are two ways to close an app on your Apple Watch. By default, you can swipe left on an app on your dock and tap the red “X”. You can also open the app, press and hold the side button until the menu screen appears, and then long press the digital crown until the watch face appears.

Need to close an Apple Watch app due to crash behavior or bug? Closing apps on your watch isn’t easy; it all depends on how your watch is set. This quick guide can help.

The process depends on your dock

The Apple Watch Dock is what appears when you tap the side button once. It’s a list of apps that, depending on your settings, will show the last clock apps you used or a list of favorite apps you’d like to access quickly.

Apple Watch Base Order by Recent Apps

The default behavior is to simply display a list of recently used apps. When doing this, swiping left on an app will reveal a red “X”, which you can tap to close the app. Most Apple Watch users (who haven’t changed the behavior of the Dock) can use this shortcut to close their apps.

but if you to have chosen to display a list of apps you’d like to quickly recover, this won’t work. You can still swipe left on an app to display a red “X”, but when you tap on it, the app is removed from your Dock. You’ll need to add it back to your Dock using the Watch app on your iPhone.

Apple Watch Dock Sorting by Favorite Apps

You can customize this behavior by launching the Watch app on your iPhone and selecting “Dock” in the “My Watch” tab. Under “Dock Sorting”, select between “Recent” and “Favorites”. If you choose the latter option, add or remove apps from the list as you see fit.

How to Force Close Any Apple Watch App

To force close any app, make sure it’s currently open (shown on screen) and then press and hold the side button to reveal the “Emergency Call” SOS slider and power options. Release the side button and press and hold the digital crown until the menu disappears.

SOS emergency call for Apple Watch
Tim Brookes / Instruction Geek

The Watch app you had open will now fully launch the next time you try to access it. If you use a “Favorites” Dock style, the app will stay in your list without needing to be added again.

If you’re experiencing a system-wide slowdown or strange behavior, you can always restart your Apple Watch by pressing and holding the Side button, then using the “Slide to Power Off” slider.

Or you can tap the “Power” button on the top right corner, then slide the “Slide to power off” slider. Press and hold the side button again to turn on your Apple Watch.

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