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How to control volume without buttons on iPhone

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Justin Duino / Instruction Geek

Every iPhone has a few physical buttons, including the all-important ones for volume up and volume down. What are you supposed to do if these buttons stop working? Don’t worry, you won’t stay with the current volume level forever.

“Assistive Touch” is part of Apple’s larger suite of Accessibility tools. It allows you to place a floating button on your screen that can be used for various shortcuts. That includes mimicking the behavior of physical buttons.

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To get started, open “Settings” on your iPhone.

Next, go to the “Accessibility” settings and select “Touch”.

go to "Accessibility" Y "Play".

Go to “Assistive Touch” and turn it on at the top of the screen.

active "Touch support".

You will notice that a floating button appears on the screen. Now we can decide how you want the volume shortcuts to work. We’ll add them to the context menu by selecting “Customize Top Level Menu”.

press "Top level menu".

Select one of the shortcuts and replace it with “Volume Up”.

Select a shortcut and choose "Turn up the volume".

Now repeat the same step with a different shortcut and replace it with “Volume Down”.

Select "volume down".

If you want even easier access to adjust the volume, you can put “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” as the single tap, double tap or long press options for the floating button.

Custom actions.

Once you’ve set everything up, simply tap on the floating button and select the “Volume Up” or “Volume Down” shortcut. If you used the custom tap options, you only need to tap the floating button as many times as you choose for the shortcuts.

Use the volume shortcuts.

Are you ready! Assistive Touch is a very useful iPhone feature, especially if the physical buttons stop working. It can also be used for many other shortcuts. Don’t sleep with it!

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