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How to Craft a Short but Sweet Bio for Instagram

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A whopping 2 billion people use Instagram each month.

With so many users, it can feel impossible to stand out. But with the right strategy, you can create a unique profile that catches the attention of others browsing the social media platform.

One key part of any Instagram strategy is crafting the perfect bio. Your bio for Instagram is one of the first things people see when they land on your profile, and it can make or break your success on the app.

If you want to create an effective Instagram bio that earns you likes and follows, keep on reading.

What’s the Purpose of an Instagram Bio?

Instagram bios are a small but mighty part of your Instagram profile. Good Instagram bios utilize this small space to define what the account is for and hint at what users gain by following.

At a minimum, and just as the name suggests, an Instagram bio gives you an opportunity to craft a short bio about yourself or your business, using basic information like your name and a few lines of text.

Because Instagram is a social platform, though, it’s best to create a bio that speaks to the types of people you hope will see and engage with your content. Go beyond stating the basics, like what city you’re based in, and instead convey what makes your profile valuable to others online.

Instagram Bio Elements

An Instagram bio includes the elements that appear at the top of your profile. Though the most customizable is the written bio section, this is only one of many elements that make up your entire bio.

There are nine elements total:

1. Name and Username

The easiest way for others to find your profile on Instagram is by searching for your username. This name is located at the top of your profile and can be tagged with the “@” symbol.

Your username can be changed, though changing it may throw off loyal followers. Also note that it cannot be the same username as another Instagram user.

Your name is listed further down in your bio, next to or under your profile picture (depending on the layout). You can change your name much more easily than your username, and it can be the same name as another user.

2. Profile Photo

Another key element of your Instagram bio is your profile photo. Instagram is a highly visual platform, but your profile photo should differ from other posted images. In other words, don’t just repurpose a post as your profile picture.

Instead, opt for something that will fit inside the small, circular profile picture bubble. A logo or cropped photo showing your face are both great options.

3. Written Bio

The text-heavy portion of your bio is what most people think of when they think of an Instagram bio. As mentioned above, this section is where you showcase who you are and what you have to offer your followers.

Keep in mind that this section only fits 150 characters.

4. Pronouns

In 2021, Instagram added the option to update your pronouns in your bio.

List up to four of your preferred pronouns by typing in the “pronouns” space. Instagram will then show available pronouns to choose from to prevent users from typing non-pronoun text into the space.

Though you can’t write whatever you want, there’s a wide range of pronouns to choose from to include a variety of gender identities.

5. Website Link

Both personal and business accounts can have one website link in their bio sections.

You can link your personal website, portfolio, a sales page, or anything else you want to drive users to click.

6. Category

Business accounts can list what category they fall under in their bio. This helps users identify that it’s a professional profile and what kind of product or service it provides.

Choose from categories such as clothing store, doctor, education, and website.

7. Call-to-Action Button

Another feature of business account bios is the call-to-action button. This gives users another place to go, besides the website link.

Call-to-action buttons can trigger users to take actions like booking an appointment or viewing your shop.

8. Contact Info

Business profiles on Instagram can also list contact information. This makes it easy for users to message or call you.

Non-business profiles may still wish to write their email or other contact information in their written bio.

9. Story Highlights

Instagram Stories are only meant to last for 24 hours, but they can be saved indefinitely in the Story highlights area of a bio.

To make the most of this element, choose a striking or cohesive cover for each one.

What to Write in Your Instagram Bio

The written description portion of your bio is the short-but-sweet part that can really pack a punch. Because Instagram focuses more on visuals than text, it’s important to optimize this unique space to send the right message to your followers.

If you’re stuck on what to write, follow these Instagram bio ideas:

  • a short elevator pitch (include what you do and who it’s for)
  • a brand tagline or motto
  • an award, certificate, or other credential that validates you and/or your business
  • a brief description of who you (or your business) are
  • key benefits your account or business has to offer, such as free shipping or daily updates
  • a call-to-action message, which may be paired with your call-to-action link or button
  • contact information
  • funny Instagram bios that captivate followers with witty one-liners or charming jokes

Using Links

You already know that website links are one of several Instagram bio elements. But it’s one area that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Website links allow you to expand on your Instagram bio by directing users to another page or app. This opens a world of possibilities for your profile.

For example, let’s say you post a carousel containing the maximum number of photos (10), but you want to share more. You could tell people to visit the link in your bio to see additional images.

Or what if you want to get your Instagram followers to see your profile on other social media channels, like YouTube? Your bio link can take them there with one click.

There are also link in bio tools that allow you to, essentially, offer several links within your single bio link. These include tools like Linktree and LinkFolio.

To draw attention to your website link, set the last line of your written bio section to describe what the link is, ideally with an arrow emoji. For example, you can write, “Tap for free downloads,” or, “Sign up for discounts,” followed by an arrow to show people where to go.

Using Emojis

You may wonder if you can use emojis in your bio. The answer is yes—and you should.

Though emojis are counted as characters, just like letters and numbers, they can add some fun to an otherwise bland bio. Use emojis that relate to your profile or brand to add a little personality.

You can also use emojis as bullets to create a bullet point list. Breaking up the text in this way makes your bio easy to read.

Hashtags and Tags

You may notice some people use hashtags and tags in Instagram bios. These can be helpful at times, though they often aren’t necessary.

Hashtags lead to hashtag pages, displaying any post that used that hashtag. If you’re thinking of using a generic or common hashtag, it likely won’t benefit your bio or profile in general.

However, branded hashtags that are specific to you and posts relating to you or your business are a good idea to include in your bio. That way, followers can quickly skim all posts that have your special hashtag.

Tags, which link to another user’s profile, can also be beneficial to use at times. If you want to promote another account, tag it in your bio. Just remember, tagging multiple accounts will quickly use up your character limit.

Can Your Instagram Bio Earn You More Likes?

Most Instagram strategies center around increasing likes, follows, and other types of engagement. But can your Instagram bio earn you more engagement too?

If your bio is well-optimized, it can make your profile easier to find and use, which might make people more likely to keep scrolling. This increases your chances of earning likes and other types of engagement.

You can optimize your bio by:

  • adding search keywords to your name
  • sharing your brand’s hashtag in your bio
  • offering value within the bio (such as in your link)
  • giving a direct call-to-action message encouraging people to follow
  • saving shared posts in your Story highlights

If you’re still looking to earn more likes on Instagram, there are other methods to boost your account, such as getting targeted Instagram likes from other users. Check it out here for more information.

Craft the Perfect Bio for Instagram

Your Instagram bio may be short, but it’s an important part of your presence on the social media platform. Use the information discussed here to create an effective, short-but-sweet bio for Instagram.

For more essential tips and tricks, check out our other blog posts!

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