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How to create a public Discord server?

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Your quick reply:

  1. To create a public Discord server, open Discord on a desktop or laptop to create a public server and sign in to your account.
  2. Go to the server task, the down arrow at the top left and select “Server Settings”.
  3. Tap on the “Enable Community” option and tap on “Get Started”.
  4. Now give the permissions and complete the configuration and you will enter a new page.
  5. Here click “Request Detection” and tap “Set Detection” after reaching certain criteria, that’s it.

How to create a public Discord server:

First, you need to create a server, and after you create a server, by default it is set to private; you need to change its settings manually and set it as a public Discord server.

Creating a public Discord server is a very simple process, but you need to use Discord web or the Discord app for PC to make it happen.

For the Discord mobile app, you can go to a certain step; after that, you can’t continue and can’t successfully complete the installation there. To complete the setup, you need a desktop or laptop computer. Now follow the steps below to create a public server on Discord.

Step 1: Open Discord app on PC and sign in

Search Discord in your browser, go to the ‘Sign In’ page, enter your email/phone number and password, and sign in or sign in with a QR code.

Open the Discord app on your mobile device, go to your profile, tap the “Scan QR Code” option, set the camera to your desktop screen, and log in to your account. After logging into your account, you will enter the Discord home page.

log in to your discord account

On the left of the screen, you can see a “+” sign there. Click on it, then select the server mode you want to create, then choose again if you want to create your own server for a community or for your friends. Then enter your server name and upload your server profile picture. Then tap “Create”.

Step 2: Tap “Server Settings”

In the left column of the screen, all the servers you have created or joined. Click on the server you just created and you will see a popup on the left side of the screen containing information about the channels on your server.

If you have already created channels, you can view them there, and if not, Discord provides a server with “TEXT CHANNELS” and “VOICE CHANNELS”.

Tap on Discord Server Settings

You can see your server name at the top of these channel names, and right next to it is a down arrow. Click on it and many options will open, tap on the second option, “Server Settings”.

Step 3: Go to “Enable Community”

After clicking the “Server Settings” option, a new window will open with three subsections: “YOUR CHANNEL NAME”, “COMMUNITY”, “USER MANAGEMENT”.

Enable community in discord

You can make basic changes to your server from these sections, like changing your server name, uploading your Discord server profile picture, uploading emojis, stickers, etc. Now, to continue, click on the “Enable Community” option in the “COMMUNITY” subsection.

Step 4: Select the “Get Started” option.

After clicking the “Enable Community” option, a new screen will appear asking you to make your server a community server.

start in discord

Turning your server into a community service will help you access additional administrative tools that can help you moderate, run, and grow your server. To do this, tap on the “Get Started” option displayed in the middle of the screen.

Step 5: Grant permissions and complete the installation

After clicking the “Start” option, a new screen will appear where you need to verify. First, you will enter the “Security Checks” section where you need to check the “Verified Email Required” and “Scan All Member Media” boxes.

permissions in discord

Then select “Next” and go to the next section, “Base Settings”. Here you must choose an option from the “Create one for me” or “#general” sections to determine where Discord sends server updates, rules, and guidelines.

Establish the basics

Click “Next” again and go to the last section, “Finishing.” In this section, you can choose whether or not to remove everyone’s moderation permission and default notifications for mentions or not.

Finish the installation on discord

Then check the “I agree and understand” box after reading the community guidelines and finally tap “Finish setup”.

Step 6 – Click “Request Discovery”

After clicking the “Finish Setup” option, a new screen will appear with the sections “Set Welcome Screen”, “Request Discovery”, “Check Server Statistics”.

Request Discovery on Discord

Scroll down the page and you can set your primary server language and server description from here and you can disable your community from here.

Now tap on the “Request Tracking” option and another screen will open where you need to select the “Set Tracking” option, which will appear in the middle of the screen.

Video on how to create a public Discord server:


List of requirements that your server needs:

However, before you can enable Discovery, you must meet the minimum requirements. Here is a list of requirements that you must maintain on your server before doing this.

  1. Your server must adhere to the Discord Community Guidelines.
  2. Your server must have at least 1000 members to be eligible for this feature.
  3. Your server must be at least 8 weeks old; new servers cannot make changes.
  4. Server information must be enabled for at least 200 members necessary to meet certain business requirements.
  5. Profanity in server name, description and channel names will not be tolerated.
  6. You must enable 2FA, which is required for moderation.

You have now managed to become a public discord server on your PC:

After meeting certain server detection requirements, you will successfully convert your private Discord server to a public Discord server. You can now customize your Discord server and make it more attractive for other Discord users to join.

The bottom lines:

Here are the steps to create a public Discord profile. Use your PC or laptop to carry out the activity. Hopefully this article will help you and successfully convert your private server to a public server. Keep in mind one thing: you have to meet the requirements mentioned above; otherwise you cannot make your server public.

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