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How to delete old messages in Messenger from both sides?

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Your quick response:

  1. If you delete all the chat or some of the messages received or sent in messenger, both have different results.
  2. If you delete the entire chat on your end, the person will not get a notification where Messenger has its feature that allows you to delete a message both in chat and just for yourself.
  3. If you unsend a message in Messenger, the person will also receive the deleted message from their chat.
  4. This means that the message will be deleted from that person if you ‘Cancel sending for everyone’, but you will not receive any notification in your messenger if the message was deleted.
  5. You can only tell if you open the chat and find that particular message marked as “Message not sent by user”.

Only a few things will happen if you delete a chat in Messenger.

Note: Now, in one case, the person will not get a notification if you delete a chat message or all if the person blocked you on Facebook.

in case you want delete photos shared on messengeryou can take some things.

Here is the guide for know if someone blocked you on messenger.

In this article, you will learn about the things that happen in a Messenger conversation when you delete a single conversation or your entire Messenger.

Time limit to unsubscribe from Messenger:

Messenger has the nice feature of deleting a message from both sides. If you have a message waiting, you’ll see an option called “Delete” below. After clicking on it, an option will appear called “Forward to everyone” and if you click on it, the message will disappear from both chats. You can cancel the delivery of the message at any time.

Facebook will keep a copy of the message on its own server, allowing you to review unsent messages for up to 14 days, and in some cases up to a year for people on your friends list.

How to know if someone has deleted a conversation on Facebook?

This was really crucial in finding out if someone deleted an entire conversation on Facebook Messenger, but it’s really understandable when a person just deleted a single chat message just by looking at that message; will be marked as “The user has not sent a message.‘.

Sometimes you may have seen a message that has already been deleted by the senders. This feature is also allowed on Facebook Messenger.

When you send someone a message on Facebook messenger and you have to delete it so they can’t read the text, you need to “Undo Send” the messages to delete it from both sides.

When you see delete a message in your Facebook messenger, it directly indicates that the sender already deleted the messages.

You can’t expect to know if the entire chat is deleted unless the text message is listed as deleted. Normally you can’t tell if the sender has deleted all the chat with you or not.

What do others see if you delete a conversation in Messenger?

The direct answer to this question is:

They won’t see anything if you delete an entire conversation in your messenger, however if you delete or unsend a single message, the person will see that the message is only invisible to them if they check.

If you delete from both sides, the recipient will know you deleted the conversation, but if you only deleted it from their side, it’s pretty hard to tell without having access to your phone.

Other people will never know that you deleted the conversation. If you don’t want the other person to know about your deletion process, make sure you delete from one side or only your side.

Delete an entire conversation in Messenger from both sides

You can easily remedy your mistakes if you accidentally sent wrong messages.

To delete a messenger message from both sides:

  1. Just tap and hold on the message you want to delete.
  2. You will then have the option to “Undo Send” for deletion.
  3. Once the message is canceled, it will be deleted on both sides.
don't send for everyone

Clicking ‘Do not send to all‘, this will automatically delete your message on both sides. If you think the recipient hasn’t read your notification message, that message will be effectively deleted.

Later they will not be able to read the text. After deleting one by one, you can easily delete the entire messenger conversation if you want to delete all the messages you have sent to the person, this is much safer than Messenger.

How to find deleted messages on Facebook Messenger?

Permanently deleted messages cannot be recovered, however, if you are wondering how to find deleted chats that are stored on Facebook Messenger, you need to know the basics of how it works. You can easily find and restore messages in your Messenger.

1: From the archived section

If you have archived the messages, there is a possibility to come back with those messages.

  • First, you need to open Facebook Messenger on your device or PC.
  • now go to recent conversation >> archived chats.
  • After that, you can click on the search bar to search for the conversation you have archived.
  • When you can find the archived messages, just tap and type something to send to the chat. This will restore your deleted chat to your main inbox.

This is the only way to recover the chat if it was saved in the Archived section of your Facebook Messenger.

2: From the “Facebook Download Information” option.

By simply backing up all your data, you can keep your photos, chats, and media files on your local drive and access them whenever you want.

If you want to download a copy of your Facebook Totals information, you need to follow the crucial steps to be successful. To download the copy of the information from your mobile/PC, proceed as follows:

  • At first, you need to tap on the top right of your Facebook profile.
  • Now scroll down and go to settings options.
  • Then go to the Facebook information and click on the Download option.
  • Simply click accordingly: Your Facebook Information >> Download Your Information.
  • If you want to add data categories, you can add them to find the right side of Facebook more easily.
  • In case you need a photo backup, you can select the quality of the photos and other media.
  • Now you need to create an information data range and confirm the download request.
Download your information.

Note: Keep the file safe on your device, this is where all your Facebook data is stored.

The bottom lines:

If you delete a conversation on Facebook, the head of the chat will not be notified unless you delete each message one by one. However, when deleting a single message, if you simply tap “Undo Send”, the other person will see that error message while viewing it in chat, but there is no notification system in Messenger to alert them.

Frequent questions:

1. What is Facebook’s “Quick Message Delete” tool?

You can delete all your Facebook messages at once instead of deleting them manually. There is a web extension that helps you delete all messages at once:

  • Open your Google browser and search for “Quick Delete Message Extension” and open the extension on the Google Web Store.
  • Tap “Add to Chrome”.
  • After adding it to Chrome, sign in to your Facebook account on Google with your credentials and go to the messages section.
  • Now in the tabs section, you can see the extension you have installed.
  • Click on it and tap on the “DELETE ALL MESSAGES” section and all your messages will be deleted.

You can perform the same procedure on your mobile to quickly delete the messages:

  • Download “Yandex Browser” or “Kiwi Browser” and open your Facebook account there.
  • Now download the same extension and open your message section.
  • Now click on the three-dotted button and click on the “Quick Delete Facebook Messages” button.
  • Then your messages will be removed from Messenger.

2. Can messages of 1 year be deleted?

You can delete a year’s worth of messages from both sides. Go to your messaging app, sign in with your credentials and open the chat you want to delete. Long press any of the one year messages and tap the “Delete” button. Hit the “Undo send for all” button and it will disappear from both sides. Sometimes there are errors due to which the message cannot be deleted. Try after a while and it will be removed.

3. Delete messages for everyone after 10 minutes:

After the introduction of Messenger’s “Undo Send” feature, there was initially a 10-minute time limit to unsend a message.

But now Messenger has upgraded this feature and now you can delete a message from both sides at any time. You can use the “Undo for all” option to delete the message on your side. In this case, the other person will be able to see your message without even knowing if you will delete your message on your behalf.

4. If I unsend a message in Messenger, will the other person know?

If you unsend a message in Messenger, the other person will know that you have deleted a message from this chat. If you delete a chat message, a line will appear showing “Someone has unsent a message.” Also, if the other person deletes a message, there will be a line indicating that the other person has unsent a message. If you delete the message before it is delivered, the other person will not be able to read it.

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