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How to easily work with Excel tables in the mobile app

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If you find yourself working on the go in the Excel mobile app, you may be having difficulty with tables. That little screen isn’t always enough to see the data in the table, let alone edit it. Fortunately, there is a feature that can help.

Microsoft introduced what is called Card View for working with tables in Excel on Android and iPhone. With this feature, you can see parts of your table in full view. You can then add more data, make changes, and manage your table data more easily; Is that how it works.

Open card view in Excel

To get started, open Excel on your mobile device in the sheet you want to use. Go to your table and select any cell within it. Tap the Card View icon (a stack of cards) that appears at the bottom.

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Then you will see the cards of your table in view. Just scroll down to see all the cards. To return to your original view at any time, tap the Table (grid) view icon at the bottom left.

Icons to open and close Card View in Excel

Each row of your table is a card. You can see the row number at the top right and your row header as the main field of the card.

Table row to a card

And, each column in your table is a field on the card.

Table column to a card

Edit table data

To edit existing data in the table, select the card that contains the data you want to change. Tap the data, make your change, and select “Done” on the keyboard.

Edit card details

You’ll notice that when you select a specific card, Previous and Next buttons appear at the bottom. This allows you to move through each card and make additional changes easily.

Previous and Next buttons on a card

Tap the arrow at the top left to return to the main Card View screen.

Add a card

You can add a card, which is another row, to your table easily. To simply add a row to the bottom of your table and list in Card View, tap the plus sign at the bottom.

Plus sign to add a card, row, to a table

To add a card to a specific location, open the main Card View page or a card’s details screen. Tap the three dots at the top right of a card. Select “Insert Above” or “Insert Below”.

You will then see a blank card with the fields from your existing table. Enter your details and tap the arrow in the top left to go back. Your new data is saved automatically.

Insert a card, row, up or down

Delete a card

To delete a card, tap the three dots at the top right in the Card View or card details screen, select “Delete” and confirm by tapping “Yes”.

remove a card

Warning: Note that deleting a card removes that row from your table.

share a card

You can share an Excel card as an image. This is useful if you want to save, send, or share certain table data.

Shared Card Image

Do one of the following to open the Share Card option:

  • On the Card View screen, tap the three dots on the card and select “Share Card.”
  • On the card details screen, tap on the three dots and choose “Share card”.
  • On the card details screen, tap the Share icon (arrow included) at the top right.

Then select “Continue to share” at the bottom and choose a sharing method from your device’s sharing options.

share a card

Edit the table structure

In addition to editing your existing data or adding more as described above, you can change the fields (columns) and format of the current table.

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On the main Card View screen, select the Table Settings icon (grid with a gear) in the top right. You will then see the Field Label (column header) and Format for each data.

Touch a field label to change the text or the format icon to change the format.

Edit a field or its format

To add a field, tap the plus sign at the bottom and enter the Field Label or choose a specific field type like general, text, or number using the Add Field section at the bottom.

Add a field, column, to a card

To delete a field from the table, tap the Delete (trash can) icon at the top right. Select the Delete icon to the right of the field you want to delete, and then tap “Yes” to confirm the action.

Delete a field, column

Warning: Note that deleting a field removes that column in your table.

While working in Microsoft Excel may be easier on your computer, there may come a time when you have to use the mobile app. In these situations, consider the card view for the tables.

For additional ways to use the Excel mobile app, see how to insert data from a picture.

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