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How to find the IP address of your iPhone

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Your iPhone’s IP address is a string of numbers that identifies your phone on the local network. In some cases, it is useful to know what it is. We will show you a quick and easy way to check the private IP address of your iPhone.

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Why find the IP address of your iPhone

One of the main reasons you may want to know your iPhone’s IP address is that you are specifying specific IP settings on your router, such as setting a static IP address. By finding out what IP your iPhone uses, you can grant it certain permissions on your network.

Another reason you may want to know your phone’s IP is when you have an IP conflict problem. By checking the IP of your phone, you will know if it is causing any problems on the network.

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How to see the IP address of your iPhone

To see the IP address your iPhone received from your network, you’ll use your phone’s Settings app.

Start by launching Settings on your iPhone. Then tap on the “Wi-Fi” option.

Select "Wifi" in the settings of.

In the “Wi-Fi” menu, next to the currently connected wireless network, tap the “i” icon.

Select "the" next to a Wi-Fi network.

On the network page, next to “IP Address,” you’ll see your iPhone’s current private IP address. This is the string of numbers by which your device is recognized on the network.

See the IP address of the iPhone.

Remember that unless you’ve set a static IP, your iPhone will almost always acquire a new IP address when connected to a network.

As simple as this is to check the MAC address of your iPhone, in case you need more information on your device.

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