How to find WiFi password on iPhone


We are all used to our devices automatically connecting to WiFi networks these days and some don’t even know how to find WiFi password on iPhone.

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We will provide you with tips and tricks to use on all iOS devices.


How to find WiFi password on iPhone

Important Note: Make sure you have iOS 6 or later.

Now that you’re out of the way, here’s how to view a WiFi password on iPhone:

In the menu page of your iPhone, open the file Settings form. then click Wifi. A list of networks you have connected to in the past will be displayed. Choose a network.

Click on the me in front of that. You’ll find it on the right side of the screen and it’ll be in a blue circle.

Once the network is open, look down the screen and find router. Touch and hold your IP address to copy it to the clipboard.

Therefore, open a web browser and paste the IP address of the router in the search bar. Tap Enter to continue the process.

Once the router page opens, you will be prompted to do so. enter the username and password of your routerThe login details are usually written in the manual that came with the router at the time of purchase. Enter these details and click Login.

then click Wireless. iOS will display the WiFi password and other details.


There are some important things to remember if you want to change something:

  • Don’t reuse old codes
  • Generate a strong password (more than eight characters)
  • Avoid using common objects or names
  • Include special characters and numbers

These measures will prevent unauthorized use of the router’s network.

How to find WiFi password using Mac

If for some reason your iPhone doesn’t show the WiFi password, you can use your laptop.

That is how:

Open the Settings app on your iPhone and choose Apple ID. Then tap iCloud and go to Keychain. Turn it on by moving the slider to the right.

On your Mac computer, click the apple icon. Choose System Preferences and select Apple ID. Find the keychain and check the box. Therefore, open iCloud and, on your laptop, Windows Finder. Click on Applications, open the Utilities folder and you will see the Keychain Access app. Enter your WiFi name, double click on the network. in the popup window choose Show password. Check the box, enter the keychain password.

Your WiFi password will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

While there are several steps to help you find the internet password on iPhone, they are short and to the point. you can easily

Check Wi-Fi password in router settings

One last trick.

Here’s how to view WiFi password on iPhone through your router:

connect your iPhone to a network of your choice and follow the steps listed above to get to the router.

Open a web browser (any feature, as long as it’s on your phone) and paste the router’s IP address into the search bar. Press Enter. Enter the login details of the router to enter the configuration interface.

On the router settings page, you will see all the information about it, including the outgoing WiFi password.

If you are having trouble connecting your phone to a router, simply restart your devices.

Watch! You are now an expert WiFi password finder!

Please note that you cannot use a password manager nor can you use a pre-shared key.

This key, also known as a passphrase (WEP key), opens only the access point’s settings. It is used as a backup plan to authenticate individual printers and computers that need to connect to the wireless network.

To wrap

Here it is.

Now you know how to find a WiFi password on your iPhone!

Not only can you do this through your phone, but you also know how to use your laptop or router. It goes without saying that you are prepared for any situation.

And in case of need, our guide will always be here to welcome you home (to your WiFi network).