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How to fix Try again later on Instagram

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Your quick reply:

  1. This restriction usually lasts a few minutes, but in some cases it can last up to several weeks.
  2. However, you can also manually fix it if the ban is not lifted immediately.
  3. You need to wait a few minutes before checking if the error message is removed or not.
  4. If it doesn’t fix automatically, you can try to fix it by clearing your Instagram cache, reinstalling the app after uninstalling it, or logging out and back in to your account.
  5. You can also switch to mobile data or change your Wi-Fi network to resolve this issue.
  6. However, if the problem is device related, you can log in to your Instagram account from a different device.
  7. But if these solutions don’t work or seem applicable for you, please report the issue to Instagram so they can review the situation and fix it.

He may ask you to do this. wait a minute before logging into things on Instagram again.

How long does the restriction last?

Instagram users often face the issue that Try again later message is displayed on Instagram. However, you should know that there is nothing to worry about as it is not a permanent ban.

If you get this error message, you should know that Instagram will most likely fix or fix it within minutes.

While Instagram doesn’t fix this, there are several methods you can try to fix the error on your own. The worst thing about this ban is that its exact duration is not known to the public nor is it reported by Instagram in its policies. While this ban typically lasts a few minutes, in some cases it can last up to several weeks before it is lifted.

How to fix Try again later on Instagram

There are a few ways to fix this if you see the “Try again later” issue on Instagram. Let’s dive.

1. Wait a few minutes

Instagram users often face the problem that they ask to do it Try again later. There is no need to take immediate action or report the error after it has been posted to your account.

You will have to wait a few minutes to see if the block removes itself from Instagram and fixes itself automatically.

Usually, when Instagram imposes this ban on someone’s account, it’s not permanent or requires users to fix it manually.

However, since no one knows how long this ban lasts, it is best to act after waiting a few hours. If you find that the ban is not lifted even after several hours, you should try other solutions to remove this ban. To do this, you’ll need to try out different tricks and techniques to see which one works for you.

2. Clear Instagram cache

Instagram cache files are old and deleted data that is stored as miscellaneous items. It also occupies a part of your device memory and sometimes causes minor issues.

To fix the try again later issue, you will need to clear Instagram cache. Not only will it free up memory by deleting many problematic files, but it can also quickly fix the problem in no time.

🔴 Steps to clear Instagram cache:

Step 1: Open configuration.

Open configuration

Step 2: then click Application and authorization.

click Application and Authorization

Step 3: you will have to click Manage applications.

click Application Management

Step 4: Then from the list of apps, click Instagramthen click Internal storage.

Step 5: Click on the red empty the cache Option to clear the cache.

Click on the red Clear Cache option

Clearing cache data will automatically fix the Try Again Later issue.

3. Reinstall the app

You can also help resolve the issue by reinstalling the app. You will need to uninstall the Instagram app first. Uninstalling the app does not affect account data or posts.

After uninstalling the Instagram app, you will need to use the Google Play Store or App Store to reinstall the app.

🔴 Steps to follow:

Here are the steps for this method:

Step 1: You will need to uninstall the Instagram app. To uninstall on Android, you need to click and hold the app from the menu and then click Uninstall.

uninstall on android

Step 2: To uninstall on iOS, you first need to long press the Instagram app on the home screen and it will start moving. Click on Delete apps to uninstall it.

uninstall on iOS

Step 3: After uninstalling the app, go to the Google Play Store or App Store and search Instagram and then click Install.

Instagram and then click Install.

4. Sign out and sign in

Often, to solve the problem of trying again later, you can sign out of the Instagram account to sign in again. While it may seem pointless at first, logging out and then logging back into the app can resolve many issues and remove locks placed on your account.

Therefore, among the many tricks and techniques that can help users to fix this restriction, logging out and logging back in to the account is one of them.

🔴 Steps to follow:

Step 1: Open the Instagram app.

Step 2: You will need to click on your profile picture icon to access your profile page.

click on your profile picture icon

Step 3: Then on the profile page, click three line icon and then click Settings.

click on the three line icon

Step 4: Scroll down the page to click Sign off and then confirm it by clicking Sign off yet.

click Disconnect

Then use your username and password to log back into your account and check if the issue is resolved.

5. Change Internet connection

Change Internet connection

Instagram sometimes displays the message Please try again later when there is a network connection problem. Often the mobile data connection can fail and if so, you will need to switch to a working WiFi connection.

When a device is disconnected from a Wi-Fi or data connection, the Instagram app will no longer be able to work on it until it connects to a new network.

In this case, this error message is not a restriction, but appears due to a lack of connection to the network.

Therefore, you need to switch to a stable WiFi network and then refresh the Instagram page to fix the problem.

However, if you are connected to an unstable Wi-Fi connection, you can switch to a different Wi-Fi network or turn on your mobile data connection to resolve this issue.

6. Sign in from a different device

Sign in from another device

Sometimes Instagram blocks the IP address of some devices so you get the error message and if so, you need to switch to another device to use Instagram.

Few devices that are out of date sometimes also do not support Instagram. Therefore, modifying the device can help you get rid of this problem.

You can use a different mobile phone or you can also use your laptop if you don’t have a second mobile phone.

You need to use your browser to go to www.instagram.com website and then log in to your Instagram account from there. After logging in, you will find that the issue is resolved.

7. Report to Instagram

If none of the solutions seem to work for you, you can report the problem to Instagram. When you receive the error message, you will see the Tell Us option. If you click the option, it will send a report to Instagram.

However, you can also report the problem to Instagram by going to Aid Instagram app section. There you will be able to indicate the problem you are facing along with an attached screenshot.

Instagram will review the situation after receiving your report and will contact you.

🔴 Steps to follow:

Here are the steps to follow to report a problem on Instagram:

Step 1: Open Instagram and then go to the profile page by clicking on the profile picture icon.

Step 2: You will need to click on the three line icon and then click on Settings. Scroll down to click Aid.

click on the three line icon

Step 3: then click report a problem.

click Report a problem

Step 4: Click again on report a problem in the white request box.

Step 5: On the next page, you will need to describe the problem and click Take a screenshot.

click Take screenshot

Step 6: Screenshot of the error message, and then click Send.

The bottom lines:

This article explains the different ways to solve the problem. On Instagram. The blockage can last from a few minutes to several weeks. You can try to fix it by waiting a few minutes, clearing Instagram cache data, reinstalling the app after uninstalling it, or signing out to sign in again.

If these methods don’t fix the issue, you can report it to the Instagram Help Center.

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