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How to hide apps on a samsung phone

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To hide an Android app on your Samsung Galaxy phone, open the home screen settings page and tap “Hide apps”. Check each app you want to hide from your home screen here.

Are there apps on your device that you want to keep private? If so, it is easy to hide both standard and user-installed apps on your Samsung Galaxy phone. We’ll show you how to do it using a built-in function.

Once you hide an app, it disappears from the app drawer and home screen. However, it will still appear in your phone’s Settings app.

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Hide apps on your Samsung Android phone

To start hiding apps, go to your Galaxy phone’s home screen. There, tap and hold on any blank space. In the menu that opens, tap “Settings”.

Select "Setting" in the lower right corner.

When the Settings page opens, scroll down and tap on “Hide apps”.

choose "hide apps" on the menu.

You will see a “Select Applications” screen. Here, choose the apps you would like to hide by tapping on them. When you’ve made your selections, tap “Done.”

Select the app(s) to hide and touch "Clever".

And that is. Your chosen apps are now hidden.

Later, you can unhide your apps by accessing the same “Hide Apps” menu, selecting your hidden apps, and choosing “Done.”

Select the app(s) to display and touch "Clever".

That’s all about it.

For even more privacy when sharing your phone with others, try locking an app on your Android device.

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