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How to Manage Notification Grouping on iPhone

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iPhone notifications can be a bit overwhelming at times. Notification grouping is a feature that aims to help you clean things up. We’ll show you how to use it to bring a little more organization to your iPhone.

What is notification grouping on iPhone?

Introduced in iOS 12, notification grouping basically does what its name suggests. Instead of each individual notification appearing on the lock screen and Notification Center separately, they can be grouped into packages.

Grouping of notifications.
grouped versus ungrouped notifications.

The image above shows what two Twitter app notifications look like when they are grouped and ungrouped. On the lock screen, grouped notifications will expand when the device is unlocked. In Notification Center, you can tap on the package to expand it.

How to use grouped notifications on iPhone

First, open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.

Next, go to the “Notifications” section of the Settings.

Tap the option

Select any app for which you would like to set notification grouping. There is no option to adjust notification grouping for all apps at once.

Touch the app you want to set notifications for.

Scroll down and select “Notification Grouping”. This setting is found in the “Lock screen appearance” section, but it also applies to Notification Center.


There are three different notification grouping modes, “Automatic” is the default.

  • Automatic: App notifications are intelligently grouped by threads, topics, and other criteria.
  • per application: All app notifications are grouped together.
  • Off: Notifications are not grouped at all.


That’s all there is to this simple yet effective feature. In general, the “Automatic” setting is best for most applications, but you will probably have some exceptions. There are many things you can do to adjust iPhone notifications to your liking.

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