How to Prepare for a Cross Country Motorcycle Trip


Approximately 10,124,400 households own at least one motorcycle, and that number continues to grow. 

If you have a motorcycle, you know first-hand that driving it long distances can be an exciting adventure! However, taking a cross-country motorcycle trip can be daunting if you are a novice rider. 

This article will help you prepare for your cross-country motorcycle ride. It will also share some motorcycle riding tips so you can enjoy your trip to the full! 

Have Your Motorcycle Serviced

One of the most important steps to take before embarking on your trip is having your motorcycle serviced and checked by a reputable mechanic. 

Further, you should replace any parts nearing the end of their life due to excessive wear. Making sure everything is in tip-top shape reduces your risk of breaking down, which would put a real damper on your trip. 

Map and Plan Out Your Trip

Perhaps the best way to plan your motorcycle road trip is with an online map service. Most of these apps allow you to add hundreds of stopping points to the map, making it easier to plan out where you will stay and what you will do along the way. 

If you choose to use a digital map, go here to see the best way to mount your phone to your bike! Moreover, be sure to bring along a paper map to use areas that lack cell service or in case of an emergency. 

Pack the Essentials

Even though you’ll have limited space, there are some essentials that you won’t want to forget. These items include:

  • First aid kit and medications
  • Tools and tire repair kit 
  • Reusable water bottle and snacks
  • Rain gear
  • Jacket and gloves
  • Motorcycle cover
  • Cash
  • Sunglasses

Of course, these are just the basics, and what you pack will also depend on the climate and season. 

Invest in the Proper Gear

Your cross-country motorcycle trip will be a lot more comfortable if you invest in the right gear. Here is some after-market motorcycle gear that you may want to consider:

  • Heated or padded grips
  • Cruise/throttle control
  • Backrest
  • Gel seat
  • Saddle or tail bags

Moreover, if you are traveling in a very hot climate, you may want to purchase a cooling vest and a hydration backpack. 

Practice Motorcycle Safety

Riding long distances can take a toll on your body, so you’ll want to take time to rest. You may even want to take an entire day to recover from time to time, depending on the length of your journey. Use your rest breaks to relax, eat, and enjoy the local scenery. 

Cross-country motorcycle trips are all about the journey, not the destination! So don’t get caught up worrying about losing an hour or so. Instead, enjoy each moment and avoid going over the speed limit.

Cross-Country Motorcycle Trip 

Taking a cross-country motorcycle trip takes a lot of preparation and forethought. Yet, these tips will ensure that you have everything you need to create the journey of a lifetime! 

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