How to print your tasks from Google Docs, Chat and Gmail


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When you’re using one of the Google apps like Docs, Sheets, Slides, Chat, or Gmail, you can easily add tasks using the side panel. But did you know you can also print your to-do list right from this handy place?

You may have a list of tasks you want to put on the fridge for your family or project tasks you want to assign to your team. You can easily print that list and put it wherever you want or give it to those who need it.

See your tasks

To see your to-do list in one of Google’s apps, first display the side panel. You can do this by clicking the arrow that appears in the lower right corner of the screen.

Use the arrow to show the side panel

You’ll then see icons for Calendar, Keep, Tasks, and Contacts in that panel on the right. open tasks.

When you see your Tasks in the sidebar, also on the right, choose the list from the dropdown box at the top.

Dropdown box to select a task list

Optionally, you can also view your completed tasks by expanding Completed at the bottom of the sidebar.

Completed tasks expanded in the side panel

print your tasks

With your tasks open, click the three dots at the top right to display More Actions, optionally sort the list first, then choose “Print List”.

Print list in the More menu

Follow the prompts for your operating system and browser to print your task list. When you print incomplete assignments, you’ll see the details, due dates and times, and highlighted assignments marked on the printout. If you have a recurring task, you’ll just see the repeat icon.

To-do list with details, a due date, and a star

If you also want to print your completed tasks, be sure to expand the Completed section in the sidebar. Then select the Print List option from the More dropdown menu. The only additional information you’ll see for completed tasks is the details you added.

Task list with completed tasks

When you’re done, use the X at the top right of the Tasks sidebar to close it.

We may not print as much as we used to these days. But if you want a physical copy of your own tasks or a list for someone else, it’s easy to print from Google apps.

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