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How to recover deleted Youtube channel?

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Your quick reply:

  1. To recover the deleted YouTube channel, open this link: myaccount.google.com/brandaccounts, in the Google web browser.
  2. Make sure you’re signed in to the same Google account registered on the YouTube channel.
  3. Open the link and you will get “Deleted Accounts” option on the screen. Tap on it and you will see your YouTube channel.
  4. Select the “Recover” option and you will recover your deleted YouTube channel.
  5. Second, for YouTube channel deleted videos, you need to search for “site: www.youtube.com + channel name” in your google browser, and from the results, find your video and tap on the “three dots” and then select > “Cache”.

Why is my YouTube channel accidentally deleted?

Please follow the following reasons:

1. Violation of guidelines and copyright issues:

Posted content that violates the Guidelines

Every online platform that has billions of followers and visitors has certain guidelines for posting content, images, captions, hashtags, etc. Users cannot do what they want to create and publish.

They must follow the preset guidelines and terms and conditions agreed upon when signing up for an account on YouTube. YouTube’s guidelines for posting content include that content must not convey the wrong and provocative message, the topic must not harm a community or individual, and must not contain offensive sexual content, images, or characters.

These are some of the main factors included in YouTube’s content publishing rules. If a user does this, he is violating the rules and terms of the platform; that result in the suspension or deletion of your YouTube channel/account.

Along with this, another important activity that is being infringed is “copyright”. You may not copy or post someone else’s original content on or off YouTube. To use the content, music and audio of others, you must ask for permission, then upload it legally and then use it, otherwise it will be considered copyright and your channel will be removed immediately.

2. You have deleted the Gmail account:

You have deleted the Gmail account

When creating an account on YouTube, you must add a Gmail address to it. This finally links your YouTube channel to that added Gmail address. All notifications and messages related to your channel will be sent to that Gmail address.

However, any kind of idle activity that occurs with the Gmail address would have a direct impact on the YouTube channel. Also, if you intentionally or accidentally delete your Gmail account, it will directly delete your YouTube channel.

So deleting Gmail account would have deleted your YouTube channel, accidentally.

How to recover deleted YouTube channel?

Recovering a deleted YouTube channel is not a difficult task if you want to get it back within 3 weeks after account deletion.

Suppose you accidentally or intentionally deleted the video, then in the next 3 weeks you have a good chance to get your account back. After 3 weeks, there is no guarantee that you will get your YouTube channel back.

Let us see the steps to recover deleted YouTube channel:

1. From Google settings:

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to: myaccount.google.com/brandaccounts

To recover your deleted YouTube account via Google settings, you need to open this link > myaccount.google.com/brandaccounts in Google browser first.

From Google settings

This link is a link to your Google brand account, which contains all of your Google account data. Then, by opening this link, in the “Deleted accounts” section you will find the deleted account and from there you can recover it.

Deleted accounts section

But for that, you need to make sure that you are signed in to Google through the same Gmail address that is on your deleted YouTube channel. Otherwise, Brand Account will not be able to find your deleted account.

Therefore, you need to open Google with the same Gmail address as the deleted YouTube channel, and then search for the provided link.

Step 2 – Click “Deleted Accounts”

After opening the link in Google, you will go directly to the “Account branding” page. On that page, you’ll find a header that says > “Manage Your Brand Accounts,” and below that there will be some options like “Pending Invitations, Email Preferences, and Deleted Accounts.”

Manage your brand accounts on Youtube
Click on Deleted accounts on youtube

Then you need to click on “Deleted Accounts” option and there you will see your deleted YouTube channel and the option to recover it.

Step 3 – Get the brand accounts from there

Now, click on the given option to recover your deleted YouTube channel account. Then follow the instructions and your account will be recovered.

Retrieve brand accounts from there

Video on how to recover a permanently deleted YouTube channel:


How to find deleted YouTube videos from a channel?

After 3 weeks of deleting the YouTube account, it will be difficult to recover the account through Google Brand Accounts. So, in such cases, the below mentioned alternative methods will work for you, to find deleted YouTube account and channel videos.

1. Videos archived from PC backup:

From PC backup

Usually, people save a copy of the created and published channel video on their PC or flash drive. Save the video on your PC in a backup folder.

If you do this too, it will be like a lifesaver for you. So what you need to do is, on your PC, open the “YouTube” folder, where you store all the data about YouTube videos. Open that folder and find the “Backup” file. Below that backup file, you’ll get all the videos you’ve posted to your channel so far. Find one of your requirements and voila, problem solved.

Remember, this method will only work if you have a backup of the videos on your channel. If not, you need to go to data recovery tools and everything else.

2. From Google Cache on PC:

Some things never make it off the internet, even if they were deleted months ago. Especially if it was on one of your Google accounts. Similarly, the videos on his YouTube that he thinks have been deleted and lost forever, are not actually deleted. It is most likely available in the Google cache on your PC.

To find the deleted video from Google cache, follow the steps:

🔴 Steps to follow:

Step 1: Open Google and in the search bar type this > “site: www.youtube.com + channel name”.

YouTube channel search on Google

Step 2: Type exactly this in the search bar and search for it.

Step 3: Now on the screen you will see all the deleted YouTube videos. Scroll through the result, slowly and carefully. And find yours.

Step 4: Then, to recover it, click on the “three dots” indicated in the video and select > “Cache”. Follow the instructions and you will surely recover your deleted video.

Click three dots
Click Cache

The bottom lines:

Deleted videos are definitely hard to find, but if the right method is followed, it is possible. So find out the reason for this cause and try all the methods. You will surely find your channel and videos through these methods.

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