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How to remove followers on Instagram

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To remove a follower on the Instagram mobile app, go to their profile and select “Followers.” Find the follower you want to remove, and then tap Remove > Remove. On your desktop, go to your profile, select “Followers” and “Remove” next to the follower you want to remove.

Don’t want certain people to follow you or see your posts on Instagram? If so, it’s easy to remove followers on IG using the desktop or mobile app.

remove vs. restriction vs. Blocking an Instagram user

When it comes to limiting access to your content and account, Instagram allows you to remove, restrict, or block users.

When you remove a follower on IG, you remove them from your list of followers, so they don’t see your posts in their feed.

When you use the Instagram restriction option, you hide comments, likes and messages from a person on your account. The person can post comments and send you messages, but you won’t receive notifications for them. Also, other users will not see that person’s interactions on your posts.

Finally, you have the option to block. When you block someone, they can’t access your profile or any of your posts. They also cannot send you messages. It’s like you don’t exist on the Instagram platform.

What happens when you delete a follower on Instagram?

Instagram does not notify the user that they have been removed from their list of followers. However, they won’t see content on your profile (if your account is private), or they’ll see a “Follow” button instead of “Following,” indicating that you’ve removed them from your follower list. .

How to remove a follower on Instagram on mobile

To start removing your followers, launch the Instagram app on your phone. In the bottom right corner of the app, tap on your profile icon.

On your profile page, at the top, choose “Followers.”

touch "followers" on top.

You will now see a list of your profile’s followers. Here, scroll until you find the person you want to remove from the list. Then tap “Delete”.

Select "Remove" next to an account.

Instagram will ask you if you really want to remove the selected person from your follower list. Confirm your choice by tapping “Delete”.

choose "Remove" in the notice.

How to remove Instagram followers on desktop

On your desktop, launch a web browser and access Instagram. Sign in to your account on the site if you haven’t already.

Next, in the upper right corner of Instagram, click on your profile icon and choose “Profile”.

choose "Profile" on the menu.

At the top of the page, select “Followers.”

In the “Followers” window, find the person you want to remove from your list. Then choose “Delete”.

Select "Remove" next to an account.

In the “Remove Follower?” message, select “Delete”.

choose "Remove" in the notice.

And that is.

Do you want to remove followers on Twitter? That’s just as easy to do.

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