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How to search inside a Google Drive folder

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If you store a lot of files on Google Drive, chances are you’ve had to search for one at some point. But if you know your article is in a particular folder, you can save time by limiting your search to that folder.

First, you can quickly search within a folder without opening the Google Drive search tool. If you don’t immediately find what you need, you can also use advanced search techniques to narrow your search within that folder.

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Perform a quick folder search

To find what you need in a particular folder, select it in the My Drive section. Then right-click or select the three-dot menu button to open More Actions and choose “Search within [folder name]. “

Search inside the folder in the More actions menu

When the folder opens, simply enter your word, phrase, or term in the search box at the top and press Enter or Return.

Search within a Google Drive folder

Use an advanced search for a folder

If you want to limit your results while searching within the folder, you can use Google Drive’s advanced search fields.

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Click the Search Options icon on the right side of the search box at the top. Use the Has the words or item name box to enter your search term.

Search options and keyword boxes

Next to Location, click “Anywhere.” You can then navigate to the folder by selecting the arrow to the right of My Drive.

My Drive in the Anywhere dropdown

Choose the folder you want to search from the list and click “Select”.

You selected a folder in My Drive

Fill in any of the remaining fields that you want to use to restrict the file type, such as the date it was modified or if you shared it with someone. Select “Search”.

Advanced search in a folder in Google Drive

You will then see results for files within that folder only.

Instead of searching your entire Google Drive for a document, image, or other item, you can start with the folder that you know contains the item. This saves you time and a few steps so you can find what you need quickly.

For more information, see how to search Google Drive directly from the Chrome address bar.

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