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How to see if someone is online on Whatsapp without them knowing

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Your quick reply:

  1. To find out if someone is online on WhatsApp, you can do it without opening the chat, you need to tap on the DP icon of their chat first.
  2. It will then display the person’s profile. Below your name will be the last seen timestamp or “Online” status.
  3. Now if the person is online it will show as “Online”, otherwise you will see the last time seen or nothing.
  4. If you are looking for someone to check whether they are online or not without opening WhatsApp chat, there are some steps that can be helpful for you to understand.

WhatsApp would let others know if you just opened someone’s WhatsApp chat by seeing the time tag and if you are online by seeing the “Online” stamp in WhatsApp. You just have to save the contact on your mobile and then you can view their profile and check their status online.

In addition, there are other tools that you can also use to know if the person is online on WhatsApp or chatting with another person.

However, you can try the method to be notified when someone connects to WhatsApp.

This article will explain the simple methods and steps that you can follow to check if the person is online on WhatsApp.

How to know if someone is online without opening WhatsApp:

You may be looking for an opportunity to have a conversation with a contact in real time and wonder when they will be online. Another possibility is that someone you were chatting with has suddenly disappeared and you’re wondering when she’ll be back online.

Let’s check in more detail.

To check if someone is online without opening WhatsApp,

Step 1: Select the contact

Once you launch WhatsApp, if you want to check someone’s last online presence without marking blue ticks on your text. First, you need to tap on the contact and then select it.

Step 2: View the contact

You can open the contact information without opening the chat. In the WhatsApp chat, tap on the DP of that chat, then the screen will appear, there you should tap the ‘i’ icon to see the status of the profile. Once tapped, the profile details will be displayed.


Step 3: Find out if the person is online

When the contact information is opened, you can notice your last activity mentioned in the display image below the contact name. If someone is online, it will show “online”Instead of the last time seen.

WhatsApp online control

Finally, when you click on the back button, the screen will return to the list of recent Whatsapp chats. As you learn about that person’s online status, you can choose to reply to their message.

Video on how to check if someone is online on WhatsApp:

🔯 Using OnlineNotify App – Receive Notifications:

If, on the other hand, you are an iPhone user, there is an app available that will notify you of the entry/exit of a WhatsApp user without having to open a chat.

OnlineNotify is a paid jailbreak app that notifies you when a specific WhatsApp contact is online and much more.

Step 1: The first step is download and install OnlineNotify on your device.

the step is to download and install OnlineNotify

Step 2: Now when the app asks for permissions, you need to click ‘Allowbutton ‘.

Click the button

Step 3: As soon as the setup is complete, open the Settings tab in Whatsapp and click the Online Notification button.

As soon as the installation is complete

Step 4: Choose the contacts for whom you want to enable notification when they are online, offline or typing.

Online iPhone App Notification

You will now receive notifications in and out of WhatsApp when contacts go online and offline. (This only applies to the contacts you have selected in the table of registered users)

🏷 What you can do more:

  • Receive notifications when your contact starts typing text. (Applies to all your contacts unless you choose the “Write for Selected” option)
  • Plus, get notifications when a contact has read the messages you sent them.
  • Add an online indicator next to online users in the main group information and favorites list.
  • There is also an instant toggle to enable/disable notification right in the control center.
  • Now you can get all the information you want through the notification center instead of always opening and checking WhatsApp.

As specified by the developer, it is imperative that WhatsApp is always running in the background for this Online Tracker to work perfectly. Wi-Fi must also stay connected even if the phone is locked for the app to work properly.

Also, make sure to choose the version of WhatsApp on which you want to run the monitoring app. This will ensure that you are not shown online on your main WhatsApp.

🔯 Does online on WhatsApp mean they are chatting?

This is what we all assume when looking at online status, even if what the status suggests is that the person is currently using the app. Just confirm that the app is running in the background on your device.

However, it does not necessarily reveal that they are chatting with someone.

It can be extremely confusing when you need a response and the user’s “Online” status is testing your patience.

Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities when showing online:

  • The person is making an individual or group audio/video call on WhatsApp.
  • The person is listening to an audio recording or viewing a video file that was sent to them.
  • The screen does not automatically lock after leaving the device unattended with WhatsApp on.
  • They are streaming a third-party app like YouTube due to content received on WhatsApp.
  • The person is posting a WhatsApp status.
  • They are browsing WhatsApp statuses.
  • They may have many other people to answer before you.
  • I am in the image gallery after clicking on an image received in a WhatsApp chat.

The bottom lines:

This article explains the methods you can use to see if someone is online even without opening chat. The other circumstances in which the online status may be visible to a WhatsApp user have also been added.

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